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Paper: The Physical Properties of Lyman Break Galaxies at z > 5: Outflows and the “Pre-enrichment Problem”
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 431
Authors: Lehnert, M.D.; Bremer, M.; Verma, A.; Douglas, L.; Förster Schreiber, N.
Abstract: We discuss the properties of Lyman break galaxies at z > 5 as determined from disparate fields covering approximately 500 arcmin2. While the broad characteristics of the Lyman break galaxy population, such as luminosity functions and clustering amplitude, has been discussed extensively in the literature, we focus on the detailed physical properties of the sources in this large survey (≥ 100 with spectroscopic redshifts). Specifically, we discuss ensemble mass estimates, stellar mass surface densities, core phase space densities, star formation intensities, characteristics of their stellar populations, etc., as obtained from multi-wavelength data (rest-frame UV through optical) for a subsample of these galaxies. In particular, we focus on evidence that these galaxies drive vigorous outflows and speculate that this population may solve the so-called “pre-enrichment problem”. The general picture that emerges from these studies is that these galaxies, observed about 1Gyr after the Big Bang, have properties consistent with being the progenitors of the densest stellar systems in the local Universe—the centers of old bulges and early-type galaxies.
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