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Paper: Biogas at 4000m above Sea Level: The pioneering work of Tecnologías en Desarrollo
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 543
Authors: Beckman, J.E.; Campero, O.
Abstract: In this article we describe a series of projects designed to supply families in rural Bolivia with heat for their cooking needs using simple technology to derive biogas from a mixture of animal manure and water. The novelty is that the adaptation of the anaerobic fermentation process to the climatic conditions at 4000m above sea level has, for the first time, yielded reliable systems that can be maintained by their users. In addition, the non-governmental organization Tecnologías en Desarrollo has implemented latrines which act as auxiliary supply for the biogenerators, and solar heated showers, all of which go to augmenting the quality of life in the arduous surroundings of the Bolivian Altiplano.
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