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Paper: Disentangling Interacting Galaxy Pairs and Entangling Them Back
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 186
Authors: Fuentes-Carrera, I.; Amram, P.; Balkowski, C.; Flores, H.; Puech, M.; Yang, Y.; Rosado, M.; Hernández-Toledo, H.
Abstract: Two-dimensional kinematics of disk galaxies give valuable information on the structure and evolution of these systems, complementing— sometimes contradicting—information derived from morphological studies. We present two cases of the use of two-dimensional kinematic information to study the interacting stage of galaxies. The first case portrays an apparently isolated local galaxy. The other points out the effects that higher redshifts—and thus the lack of spatial resolution—might have on the interpretation of this type of data.
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