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Paper: Panel Discussion I. Star Formation in Galaxies: How Do We Continue?
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 330
Authors: Knapen, J.H.
Abstract: This is the written account of the first of two panel discussions, on Star formation in galaxies: how do we continue? The chair of the panel was Phil James, and panel members were John Beckman, Torsten Böker, Daniela Calzetti, Angeles Díaz, and Rob Kennicutt. The panel and audience discussed the following four questions: 1) What are the most critically needed techniques to give accurate measurements of total rates and efficiencies of star formation? 2) Do we understand the form of the initial mass function and its variation as a function of redshift and environment? 3) Are there multiple modes of star formation in galaxies (bulge vs disk, burst vs continuous) or does the Schmidt law explain everything? 4) How do we bring together our understanding of star formation in our Galaxy and in external systems?
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