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Paper: The Formation of Extreme Mass Ratio Binary Stars: A Tribute to Eduardo Delgado Donate
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 76
Authors: Clarke, C.J.
Abstract: Eduardo Delgado was due to have presented a poster at this meeting on his latest results on the formation of extreme mass ratio binaries. Tragically, Eduardo was among those killed in a hiking accident in Tenerife earlier this year. The organizers of this meeting kindly invited me, as his PhD supervisor, and as a longstanding collaborator, to incorporate a report on his most recent work into a more general tribute to his life and work. I will reflect on Eduardo’s scientific career, the problems that motivated him and his achievements, focusing particularly on a problem which had intrigued us both for several years and on which Eduardo was making important progress at the time of his death. Finally, I will mention the personal qualities that Eduardo brought to his work and the acute sense of loss that is shared by all those—friends and collaborators—who were privileged to know him.
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