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Paper: Cosmology Between Physics and Philosophy—Galileo to Einstein
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 547
Authors: Büttner, J.; Renn, J.
Abstract: The intention of the present paper is to illuminate, using the example of cosmology, some of the general processes and mechanisms involved in the development of knowledge. Rather than getting immersed in the details of the advancement of cosmological theories, we will concentrate instead on the wider context in which scientific knowledge develops. From its inception, cosmological knowledge in particular has been integrated into comprehensive worldviews. Such worldviews in turn imposed challenges on science and especially on cosmology, and, in a reciprocal development, scientific challenges were incorporated into the formation of comprehensive worldviews as presented in particular by religion. Besides this negotiation process with existing worldviews, technological challenges will be identified as another mainspring that, mediated by cultural contexts, contributed substantially to the development of cosmological knowledge.
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