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Paper: Properties of HI-selected Galaxies: The Contribution of Gas-rich, LSB Galaxies to the Local Universe
Volume: 390, Pathways Through an Eclectic Universe
Page: 298
Authors: García-Appadoo, D.A.; West, A.A.; Dalcanton, J.J.; Disney, M.J.
Abstract: Understanding the relationship between neutral hydrogen (HI) and stars in the interstellar medium of galaxies is integral to the study of galaxy evolution. Because stellar populations in galaxies form from collapsed clouds of hydrogen, we can naively claim that galaxies with few stars and large quantities of gas must be less “evolved” than those with little gas and many stars, and that galaxies evolve by converting their gas into stars. To first order this description is valid; we know that galaxies with large stellar populations must have once had fewer stars and more gas.
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