Title: Advancing Astronomy for All (ASP 2018)
Volume: 524 Year: 2019 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Greg Schultz, Jonathan Barnes, and Linda Shore
ISBN: 978-1-58381-935-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-936-4
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Part I. Plenary Sessions   
Broadening Participation Using Media and Educational Outreach 5 Karl, R.; Santiago, A.
Let Their Imaginations Roam: Children's Books in Astronomy 7 Shore, L.; Aguilar, D.; Bennett, J.; Dalton, A.; Fraknoi, A.
Barriers to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Astronomy 11 Rudolph, A.; Basri, G.; Norman, D.; Wimberly, M. K. R.
Instantiating Inclusion: Results from STEM Environments in which Women of Color Thrive 15 Hodari, A.
Preschool Science: Reaching Our Youngest Astronomers 17 Gurton, S.; Blinderman, E.; Hurst, A.; Schonleber, N.
Communicating Science to Diverse Audiences Through Digital and Social Media Platforms 19 Freed, R.; Bentley, M.; Minor, N.; Wyatt, R.
Little Scientists at Play 21 Blinderman, E.
Preschool Science: Reaching Our Youngest Astronomers 25 Gurton, S.; Blinderman, E.; Hurst, A.; Plummer, J.; Schonleber, N.
Latina SciGirls 31 Karl, R.; Santiago, A.
Part II. Workshops, Discussions, and Special Sessions   
Special Interest Group: Planning for South American Eclipses 45 Bartolone, L. M.; Simmons, M.; Fraknoi, A.; Minor, N.; Novak, B.; Raftery, C.; Walker, C. E.; Sparks, R. T.; White, V.
Story Time From Space: Science and Literacy Together 51 Bennett, J.
Astronomy Education Research: Special Interest Group Synthesis 53 Buxner, S.; Wenger, M.
Lesson Examples about Diversity/Bias Grades 10–“14” 57 Enevoldsen, A.; Daane, A.
Building Community Around Girl Scout Space Science Badges 59 Fahy, J.; Henricks, J.; Harman, P.; White, V.; Summer, T.; Berg, J.; Chin, W.; Grissom, C.; Friedman, W.; McCarthy, D.; Lebofsky, L.; Mayo, L.; Kersh, E.
Music Inspired by Astronomy: 250 Pieces and Counting 61 Fraknoi, A.
Advancing Your Outreach Ideas: Strategies and Resources 63 Hart, Q.; Buxner, S.; Schultz, G.
On-Line Astronomy Education: Projects and Resources 69 Hufnagel, B.; Fraknoi, A.; Berryhill, K.; Wenger, M.
Combining Hands-On and Virtual for Active Visitor Engagement 71 Kang, H.
Implicit Bias in Physics as a Barrier in Astronomy 75 Kilburn, M.
From Pinholes to Space Telescopes 77 Kruse, B.; Hurst, A.; Shore, L.; Prosper, D.; Furmanska, E.
GAVRT Project: Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms 83 Lamb, L.; Levin, S.; McConnell, S.; Dorcey, R.
Astronomy for the Sight Impaired 85 Larson, A.
Our Brains Wired for Storytellingldots 87 Lee, A.; Scalice, D.; Kraal, E.
STEM Served Family-Style: Improving Attitudes and Achievement 89 Mitchell, S.; Eyermann, S.
Sonified Universe: Cosmos' Electroacoustic Ensembles 101 Perkins, D. K.
The SciGirls Strategies: Encouraging ALL Girls in STEM! 103 Santiago, A.; Karl, R.
Saving the Dark: Screening of New Documentary Movie 105 Schultz, G.; Murali, S.; Walker, C. E.
Twenty-Five Years of Project ASTRO 107 Shore, L.; Domingue, D.; Harvey, J.; Sparks, R. T.; Schwarz, K. M.; Kruse, B.
Authentic Partnerships for Engaging Diverse Audiences 109 Shupla, C.; Hawkins, I.; Hernandez, B. A.; Peticolas, L.
Using Astrophotography in Science Communication 115 Sparks, R. T.; Kruse, B.
The Alma Project: Reflecting on Indigenous Knowledge in the 21st Century 119 Tran, K.; Coble, K.; Eroy-Reveles, A.
Visualizing Seasons and Moon Phases with WorldWide Telescope 125 Udomprasert, P.; Houghton, H.; Sunbury, S.; Plummer, J.; Wright, E.; Goodman, A.; Johnson, E.; Zhang, H.; Vaishampayan, A.; Cho, K.
The Zero in Hindu Cosmology and Cultural Worldview 127 Verma, S. D.; Venkatesan, A.
Enabling Awareness through Environmental Action 133 Walker, C. E.; Pompea, S. M.
Communicating Astronomy with Online Videos 137 Wenger, M.; Gay, P.
Match Made In Heaven: Library and Astronomy Club Partnership 139 White, V.; Hurst, A.; Randall, C.; Ficken, D.
Supporting Amateur Astronomers' Engagement in Outreach 141 White, V.; Corin, E.; Summer, T.
Part III. Short Oral Presentations   
NASA's Pre-Service Teacher Faculty Support by SSU 147 Bartolone, L.; Cominsky, L.; Peticolas, L.; Biferno, A.; Lestition, K.; Smith, D.; Squires, G.
Motivations and Patterns of Engagement of CosmoQuest Participants 151 Bakerman, M.; Gugliucci, N.; Buxner, S.; Bracey, G.; CosmoQuest Team
Hawai‘i's Journey to the Sun with National Solar Observatory 157 Ben, T.; Raftery, C.
Lessons Learned from Teaching Astronomy with Virtual Reality 159 Blanco, P.; Windmiller, G.; Welsh, W.; Hauze, S.
MOOC Learners' Motivation and Course Performance: Preliminary Study 163 Buxner, S.; Formanek, M.; Wenger, M.; Impey, C. D.
Bringing Diversity to the STEM Career Pipeline at NRAO 169 Gurton, S.; Schill, L. v.; Harris, J.
Building Girl Scout Space Science Badges, Bridges, and Teams 171 Harman, P.; Chin, W.; Grissom, C.; Friedman, W.; Fahy, J.; Henricks, J.; Kersh, E.; Summer, T.; White, V.; McCarthy, D.; Lebofsky, L.; Mayo, L.
Unveiling of the NRAO RAP Residential Camp 173 Harris, J.; Stanley, J.; Gurton, S.
Gemini's STEM/Career Awareness Evaluation Pilot Program 175 Harvey, J.
Exploring Big Data with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope 177 Herrold, A. A.
Astrophysicists' Attitudes Towards Outreach: A Case Study 181 Krawiec, C.; Farahi, A.; Malagón, A. A. P.; Wolf, R.; Gupta, R.
When Diversity is a Necessity: IDATA Undergrad Mentors 183 Meredith, K.
Problem Solving: Rats vs. Astronomy Students 185 Montgomery, M. M.
The Online Astronomy Courses at Windward Community College, Kaneohe, Hawaii 193 Moroney, S.
Can Big Data Lead an Inclusion Revolution? 199 Norman, D.
Slack and Stone Edge Observatory: Where Astronomy Happens 201 Nowinski, M.; Pagul, A.; Meredith, K.
Using Google Hangouts to Connect to Students 203 Rosano, R.
Promoting Leadership in STEAM Education Outreach Programs 205 Rowbotham, K.; Meredith, K.; Berthoud, M.
Reaching Underserved Communities Worldwide 207 Simmons, M.
Part IV. Poster Sessions   
CosmoQuest: Getting Twitchy for Science 215 Bakerman, M.; Gay, P.; Richardson, M.; Wilson, A.; Malagón, A. A. P.; Buxner, S.; CosmoQuest Team
Results from the AWB Building on the Eclipse Program 219 Bartolone, L.; Simmons, M.
New Practical Research Volumes for Astronomy Education 225 Buxner, S.; Wenger, M.; Impey, C. D.
Proceedings to Celebrate the 2017 Eclipse 229 Buxner, S.; Shore, L.; Jensen, J.; Nordgren, T.
Inclusion as a Topic of Investigation in the Classroom 239 Chamberlain, L.
Elementary School STEM Projects with Sky Brightness Measures 241 Craine, E. R.; DeBenedetti, J. C.; Craine, B. L.
Broadening Learning Goals in STEM Projects 247 DeBenedetti, J. C.
A Stellar Approach: Choosing Stars Activities that Fit 253 Eyermann, S.; Mitchell, S.
A Free, Electronic, Open-source Introductory Astronomy Textbook and Open Education Resource Hub 257 Fraknoi, A.
In Their Own Words: Collecting ASP Articles by Discoverers 261 Fraknoi, A.
Engage with Girl Scouts and their Space Science Badges 265 Harman, P.; Chin, W.; Grissom, C.; DeVore, E.; Fahy, J.; Henricks, J.; Kersh, E.; Summer, T.; White, V.; McCarthy, D.; Lebofsky, L.; Mayo, L.
Science Outreach Hosted by Introductory Science Students 267 Hart, Q. N.
Journey through the Universe, 14 Years and Counting 271 Harvey, J.
Cultivating Curiosity with Life in the Universe and WorldWide Telescope 273 Houghton, H.; Udomprasert, P.; Sunbury, S.; Wright, E.; Goodman, A.; Johnson, E.; Bishop, A.
Inclusive K–12 Outreach Using Evidence-Based Interventions 279 Kilburn, M.
Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Project 281 Lamb, L.; McConnell, S.; Levin, S.
A Science Attitude Survey 283 Levine, D. A.
Diffraction and Superposition with Leafy Trees During Partial Solar Eclipses 287 Montgomery, M. M.; Allen, B.; Eberly, M.; Carpenter, J. Jr.
Cal-Bridge: Engaging Underrepresented Students in Astronomy 293 Rudolph, A.
Investigating Use of Gender Equitable Teaching Strategies 295 Santiago, A.; Karl, R.
The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures: Two Million Views and Growing 297 Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.; Mathews, G.; Craig, J.; DeVore, E.; McDonald, R.
The Effectiveness of Informal Learning in the Planetarium 303 Schwarz, K. M.
Leveraging to Maximize Public Engagement 307 Shupla, C.; Shaner, A.; Hackler, A. S.
Communicating Light Pollution Awareness with Citizen-Science 309 Sparks, R. T.; Walker, C. E.; Newhouse, M.; Kisiel, E.
Authentic Research Pathways with Robotic Telescopes: Observing Objects That Go Bump in the Night 315 Spear, G.; Cominsky, L.; Peticolas, L.; Bartolone, L.; Dussault, M.; NASA's Universe of Learning Team
Girl Friendly Amateur Astronomy Outreach Skill Development 323 Summer, T.; White, V.; Henrics, J.; Harman, P.; Fahy, J.; Kersh, E.
Rural Poverty and Gender Parity Initiatives at Yerkes 325 Venteicher, S.
Using Teen Astronomy Cafés to Excite Youth about STEM 327 Walker, C. E.; Kisiel, E.; Pompea, S. M
Teach Astronomy: Online Resources and New Features 333 Wenger, M.; Impey, C. D.; Danehy, A.
Back Matter   
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