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Paper: Communicating Science to Diverse Audiences Through Digital and Social Media Platforms
Volume: 524, Advancing Astronomy for All (ASP 2018)
Page: 19
Authors: Freed, R.; Bentley, M.; Minor, N.; Wyatt, R.
Abstract: Reaching diverse and global audiences is becoming standard practice in 21st century education, and is therefore a responsibility of the profession. The means to accomplish this are numerous and growing rapidly, and in this session we will hear from speakers who have been pushing the boundaries in communicating cutting-edge astronomy and science to the public world-wide through state-of-the-art technologies and media platforms. In this session, the panelists will share their programs about incorporating the latest science and astronomical data into engaging videos, radio shows, podcasts and full-dome data-visualization planetarium shows – and how they have been making science accessible to the public through these avenues for many years.
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