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Paper: Engage with Girl Scouts and their Space Science Badges
Volume: 524, Advancing Astronomy for All (ASP 2018)
Page: 265
Authors: Harman, P.; Chin, W.; Grissom, C.; DeVore, E.; Fahy, J.; Henricks, J.; Kersh, E.; Summer, T.; White, V.; McCarthy, D.; Lebofsky, L.; Mayo, L.
Abstract: Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girls is a NASA SMD funded project. The SETI Institute and Co-Is, ARIES, ASP, U of AZ, Girl Scouts of the USA, and GS NorCal, collaborated to develop age-appropriate astronomy activities for Girl Scout badges, enhancing STEM literacy for girls. K–5th grade badges will be released in August 2018, followed by 6th–12th grade badges in 2019. Subject matter experts played a significant role in the badge development. This poster highlights learning outcomes, lessons learned, activities, and opportunities for amateur astronomers to engage with Girl Scouts.
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