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Paper: The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures: Two Million Views and Growing
Volume: 524, Advancing Astronomy for All (ASP 2018)
Page: 297
Authors: Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.; Mathews, G.; Craig, J.; DeVore, E.; McDonald, R.
Abstract: The 2018–2019 school year is the 19th year that the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures have brought the latest non-technical information about astronomical ideas and discoveries to the region around San Francisco and San Jose, and, via YouTube, to the wider world. This project, jointly sponsored by the Foothill College Physical Science, Math, and Engineering Division with the SETI Institute, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and NASA Ames Research Center, has featured six free public lectures per year, and now has over 2.1 million views on YouTube.
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