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Paper: Astrophysicists' Attitudes Towards Outreach: A Case Study
Volume: 524, Advancing Astronomy for All (ASP 2018)
Page: 181
Authors: Krawiec, C.; Farahi, A.; Malagón, A. A. P.; Wolf, R.; Gupta, R.
Abstract: I will present a case study of physicists' and astronomers' attitudes towards education and public outreach (EPO) using 131 survey responses from members of the Dark Energy Survey. In the study, we find a disparity between the types of EPO activities scientists deem valuable and those in which they participate. Most respondents are motivated to engage in EPO by a desire to educate the public. Lack of time and perceived cultural stigma are the main deterrents. We explore the value of centralized EPO efforts and conclude with recommendations for increasing scientists' engagement.
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