Title: Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Volume: 505 Year: 2016 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Mickaelian, A.| Lawrence, A.| Magakian, T.

Proceedings of an International Symposium Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Markarian Survey and the 10th Anniversary of the Armenian Virtual Observatory Byurakan, Armenia
5–8 October 2015

Astronomical surveys are the main source for discovery of astronomical objects and accumulation of observational data for further analysis, interpretation, and achieving scientific results. Vast amount of data collected with many ground- based and space telescopes using large fields and modern detectors led to the collection of Big Data in astronomy. Large amounts of data require new approaches to data reduction, management and analysis.

The International Symposium Astronomical Surveys and Big Data brought together astronomers and computer scientists to discuss large astronomical surveys, catalogues, databases, major upcoming surveys, and new tools and techniques for working with large data sets. Conference topics included historical surveys, exoplanet searches, stars and nebulae, extragalactic and cosmological surveys, cross-identifications between surveys, future large-area surveys, digitization of astronomical data, astronomical catalogues, and archives and databases. This volume reviews the results of multi-wavelength studies, including gamma-ray, X-ray, UV, optical, IR, sub-mm/mm, and radio wavelengths. It will be useful for researchers and students interested in astronomical surveys, astrostatistics, astroinformatics, computational astrophysics, virtual observatories, and laboratory astrophysics.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Mickaelian, A.; Lawrence, A.; Magakian, T.
Conference Photos 2 Mickaelian, A.; Lawrence, A.; Magakian, T.
Part I. Dedication Articles   
Fifty Years of the Markarian Survey 3 Mickaelian, A. M.
Ten Years of the Armenian Virtual Observatory 16 Mickaelian, A. M.; Astsatryan, H. V.; Knyazyan, A. V.; Magakian, T. Yu.; Mikayelyan, G. A.; Erastova, L. K.; Hovhannisyan, L. R.; Sargsyan, L. A.; Sinamyan, P. K.
Part II. Planets, Stars, and Nebulae   
The International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA): Overview of the Activities 29 Sarkissian, A.; Gopala Krishna, B.; Crichton, D. J.; Beebe, R.; Yamamoto, Y.; Arviset, C.; Di Capria, M. T.; Mickaelian, A. M.; IPDA
Discovering Extrasolar Planets with Microlensing Surveys 35 Wambsganss, J.
Advancement and New Functionality of the Binary Star DataBase (BDB) 44 Malkov, O. Yu.; Kovaleva, D. A.; Kaygorodov, P. V.
Searches of Herbig-Haro Objects: History, Current Situation, and Perspectives 50 Magakian, T. Yu.; Movsessian, T. A.; Nikoghosyan, E. H.
Cool Carbon Stars in the Galactic Halo 59 Gigoyan, K. S.
The Search and Study of PMS Stars with Hα Emission 66 Nikoghosyan, E. H.; Vardanyan, A. V.; Khachatryan, K. G.
Two Types of Radial Systems of Dark Globules 73 Gyulbudaghian, A. L.; Mendez, R. A.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Properties of Late-type BIS Catalogue Sources 78 Rossi, C.; Mickaelian, A. M.; Gigoyan, K. S.; Gaudenzi, S.; Nesci, R.
Fictitious and Excess Data in Principal Catalogues of Visual Binaries 85 Gebrehiwot, Y. M.; Tessema, S. B.; Malkov, O. Yu.
Investigation of Variability of Faint Galactic Early-Type Carbon Stars from the First Byurakan Spectral Sky Survey 92 Gigoyan, K. S.; Kostandyan, G. R.; Paronyan, G. M.
Binary Stars in SBS Survey 95 Erastova, L. K.
The Distribution of Normal Radio Pulsars in Our Galaxy 97 Andreasyan, H. R.; Andreasyan, R. R.; Paronyan, G. M.
Statistically Optimal Approximations of Astronomical Signals: Implications to Classification and Advanced Study of Variable Stars 101 Andronov, I. L.; Chinarova, L. L.; Kudashkina, L. S.; Marsakova, V. I.; Tkachenko, M. G.
Part III. Galaxies and Cosmology   
Clues to the Structure of AGN Through Massive Variability Surveys 107 Lawrence, A.
Multiwavelength Search and Studies of Active Galaxies 117 Mickaelian, A. M.
Understanding the Nearby Universe Through the CALIFA Survey 133 Falcón-Barroso, J.
On Survivability of Ices in Active Galaxies 144 Yeghikyan, A. G.
A Brief Survey of Activity Phenomena in Cosmic Objects 152 Harutyunian, H. A.
Spectral Investigation and Physical Properties of Markarian Galaxies from SDSS 162 Gyulzadyan, M. V.; Mickaelian, A. M.; Abrahamyan, H. V.; Paronyan, G. M.
Exploring the Subsample of SBS Galaxies: Current Results 169 Hakopian, S. A.
The Existence of Ultra Massive Black Holes (UMBHs) in the Center of Radiogalaxies 176 Ohanian, G. A.
The Tadpole Galaxies in SBS 180 Erastova, L. K.
Revealing of HII-regions in Galaxies with Panoramic Spectroscopy 183 Hakopian, S. A.; Balayan, S. K.
Kazarian Galaxies and Their Properties 186 Karapetyan, E. L.
Multiwavelength Studies of X-ray Selected AGN 189 Paronyan, G. M.; Mickaelian, A. M.; Abrahamyan, H. V.
Properties of IRAS PSC/FSC Galaxies 193 Abrahamyan, H. V.; Mickaelian, A. M.
On the Interaction in a Quartet of Galaxies 196 Yeghiazaryan, A. A.; Hakobyan, A. A.; Nazaryan, T. A.
Part IV. Databases, Virtual Observatories, and Computational Astrophysics   
Astronomical Surveys, Catalogs, Databases, and Archives 203 Mickaelian, A. M.
The Gaia Archive: VO in Action in the Big Data Era 218 Arviset, C.; González, J.; Gutiérrez, R.; Hernández, J.;Salgado, J.; Segovia, J. C.
Big Surveys, Big Data Centres 219 Schade, D.
Computational Astrophysics Towards Exascale Computing and Big Data 220 Astsatryan, H. V.; Knyazyan, A. V.; Mickaelian, A. M.
Machine Learning Search for Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows in Optical Images 226 Topinka, M.
Using The Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/IRS Sources 233 Samsonyan, A. L.
Armenian Virtual Observatory: Services and Data Sharing 236 Knyazyan, A. V.; Astsatryan, H. V.; Mickaelian, A. M.
Revised and Updated Catalogue of the Second Byurakan Sky Survey 242 Erastova, L. K.; Mickaelian, A. M.
The Verification of Identifications of “Almagest" Catalogue 245 Kazakov, E.
DVD Database Astronomical Manuscripts in Georgia 252 Simonia, I.; Simonia, Ts.; Abuladze, T.; Chkhikvadze, N.; Samkurashvili, L.; Pataridze, K.
BAO Plate Archive Project: Digitization, Electronic Database and Research Programmes 262 Mickaelian, A. M.; Abrahamyan, H. V.; Andreasyan, H. R.; Azatyan, N. M.; Farmanyan, S. V.; Gigoyan, K. S.; Gyulzadyan, M. V.; Khachatryan, K. G.; Knyazyan, A. V.; Kostandyan, G. R.; Mikayelyan, G. A.; Nikoghosyan, E. H.; Paronyan, G. M.; Vardanyan, A. V.
Back Matter   
Author Index 277 Mickaelian, A.; Lawrence, A.; Magakian, T.
Back Matter 279