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Paper: Revised and Updated Catalogue of the Second Byurakan Sky Survey
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 242
Authors: Erastova, L. K.; Mickaelian, A. M.
Abstract: The Revised and Updated SBS Catalogue is presented. It includes ∼3600 stellar and diffuse objects, including ∼600 QSOs, ∼170 Sy-type galaxies and ∼10 BLL. The Survey is not finished and in the Catalogue there are 430 “unobserved” or “unclassified” objects. As a rule, we have observed “unclassified” objects, but we have obtained uncertain or incomplete data, or we had data taken from the literature. For “unobserved” objects, we up to now do not have slit spectra and their physical classification is impossible. A comparison of the SBS Catalogue data with SDSS DR9 was done. The accuracy determination of redshifts and physical classifications according to the comparison objects between these two lists (1383 objects) is presented. Large errors in redshifts and classification are corrected. It is shown that 30-40 stellar “unobserved” objects may be QSOs. Multiwavelength data from other spectral ranges have been collected.
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