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Paper: A Brief Survey of Activity Phenomena in Cosmic Objects
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 152
Authors: Harutyunian, H. A.
Abstract: An attempt is done to unify the variety of physical active phenomena observed in various cosmic objects belonging to the all hierarchical levels. The dark energy carrier is suggested to interact with the baryonic matter and provide the activity energy through the injection from “the main reservoir”. The concept that the Hubble flow is not possible for non-cosmological shorter scales where the baryonic objects are believed to be gravitationally bound is considered in a few words to show that it is a simple extrapolation of the a priori hypothesis on the formation of cosmic objects. Some observational facts are pointed to show that expansion phenomena at shorter scales could be explained using the Hubble law only. The physical consequences of dark energy exchange with the atomic nuclei and “gravitationally bound” objects are considered.
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