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Paper: The Distribution of Normal Radio Pulsars in Our Galaxy
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 97
Authors: Andreasyan, H. R.; Andreasyan, R. R.; Paronyan, G. M.
Abstract: It has been shown that normal radio pulsars are not distributed symmetrically relative to the plane of the Galaxy. Moreover, in the directions to the Galactic center the plane of symmetry of pulsars is higher than galactic plane on average of 50 pc, and towards anticentre – on average of 100 pc below of this plane. Distribution of all pulsars relative to the plane of the Galaxy can be represented by an exponential function. The characteristic distance from the galactic plane increases within 130 pc – 420 pc, depending on the age of the pulsar. In the distribution of the surface density of pulsars is observed a maximum at the distances from the Galaxy centre of about 3-4 kpc.
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