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Paper: Two Types of Radial Systems of Dark Globules
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 73
Authors: Gyulbudaghian, A. L.; Mendez, R. A.
Abstract: We present results of survey of ESO/SRC plates of Southern Hemisphere for discovering new radial systems of dark globules. During the survey 16 new type 1 radial systems and 6 type 2 radial systems were found, it means that the number of known radial systems was almost doubled. In the centers of type 1 radial systems are situated O-B2 type stars, in the centers of type 2 radial systems there are no early type stars. An attempt was done to give interpretation to groups of submm starless condensations as radial systems of dark globules, situated behind thick dark clouds, that is why these globules are seen only in submm wavelengths.
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