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Paper: Investigation of Variability of Faint Galactic Early-Type Carbon Stars from the First Byurakan Spectral Sky Survey
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 92
Authors: Gigoyan, K. S.; Kostandyan, G. R.; Paronyan, G. M.
Abstract: In this poster, we discuss the nature of 66 faint carbon (C) stars which have been discovered by scrutinizing the plates of the First Byurakan Survey (FBS). These plates display low-resolution spectra of objects located at high Galactic latitudes and have a limiting magnitude of about V=16. Our sample of 66 confirmed spectroscopically to be C stars. These 66 objects are those which show early-type spectra. To better characterize these objects, medium-resolution CCD spectra were obtained and are exploited for them all, together with consideration of their 2MASS near-infrared (NIR) colors and their optical variability. We derive effective temperatures from photometry. Finally, the optical variability of our objects are studied by using the data of the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS). It is found that the vast majority does not display variability. However, for some of them, the phased light curve may indicate the presence of a secondary component.
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