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Paper: Fifty Years of the Markarian Survey
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 3
Authors: Mickaelian, A. M.
Abstract: Markarian survey was conducted 50 years ago, in 1965. It was the first systematic survey for active galaxies and was a new method for search for such objects. Until now, it is the largest objective prism survey of the sky (17,000 deg2). It was carried out in 1965-1980 by Beniamin Markarian and colleagues and resulted in discovery of 1515 UV-excess (Markarian) galaxies. They contain many active galaxies, as well as powerful γ-, X-ray, IR and radio sources, BCDGs and interacting/merging systems. They led to the classification of Seyfert galaxies into Sy1 and Sy2 and the definition of Starbursts. Markarian survey (or the First Byurakan Survey, FBS) also served as a basis for search for UVX stellar objects, late-type stars and optical identification of IR sources. At present the survey is digitized and DFBS database is available.
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