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Paper: On Survivability of Ices in Active Galaxies
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 144
Authors: Yeghikyan, A. G.
Abstract: Ices of some volatile compounds like water, oxides of carbon, methane and some other carbon containing compounds are observed in spectra of normal galaxies while (up to 2016) only water ice is observed in spectra of the active galaxies which are mainly merging and/or starburst galaxies. On the other hand, in the Seyfert galaxies (with two exceptions), ices are absent. In this work the presence of ices under severe conditions of active galaxies is discussed. Preliminary ionization models calculations of molecular clouds in the galactic circum-nuclear areas of formation of narrow emission lines show that for reduction of the abundance of ices, first of all the increased fluxes of cosmic rays can be responsible.
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