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Paper: The Tadpole Galaxies in SBS
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 180
Authors: Erastova, L. K.
Abstract: The sample of nearby active galaxies of the Second Byurakan Survey (SBS) is studied. It is limited to z<0.01 and consists of 130 galaxies. As a rule these are dwarf galaxies, usually their diameters do not exceed 10 kpc. The morphology of active regions in these galaxies and galaxies themselves were investigated on SDSS images. It is shown that ∼10 active galaxies in fact are giant HII regions in the galaxies. These galaxies may be active or not. 7 galaxies are of rare type tadpole blue dwarf galaxies. Only one is Sy1 type galaxy with narrow emission lines.
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