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Paper: Ten Years of the Armenian Virtual Observatory
Volume: 505, Astronomical Surveys and Big Data
Page: 16
Authors: Mickaelian, A. M.; Astsatryan, H. V.; Knyazyan, A. V.; Magakian, T. Yu.; Mikayelyan, G. A.; Erastova, L. K.; Hovhannisyan, L. R.; Sargsyan, L. A.; Sinamyan, P. K.
Abstract: Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO, was created 10 years ago, in 2005, when after the accomplishment of the Digitized First Byurakan Survey (DFBS, we had enough resources to run a VO project and contribute in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA, ArVO is a project of Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) aimed at construction of a modern system for data archiving, extraction, acquisition, reduction, use and publication. ArVO technical and research projects include Global Spectroscopic Database, which is being built based on DFBS. Quick optical identification of radio, IR or X-ray sources will be possible by plotting their positions in the DFBS or other spectroscopic plate and matching all available data. Accomplishment of new projects by combining data is so important that the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) recently created World Data System (WDS, for unifying data coming from all science areas, and BAO has also joined it due to DFBS and ArVO projects.
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