Title: 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Volume: 482 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lee, H.-W.; Kang, Y.; Leung, K.-C.

Sejong University Convention Center, Seoul, Korea

May 27–31, 2013

These are the proceedings of the Tenth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics. The main purpose of this conference series is to accelerate the development of astronomy in many Asian countries and to foster greater interaction between Asian astronomers and those from the Eastern Pacific Rim and European countries in the field of stellar astrophysics.

Stellar astrophysics has become more important than ever as a large number of exoplanets have been discovered and observations
of exploding stars have led to the precision measurement of
the accelerating expansion of the universe. We are now witnessing a revolutionary change in our view of the cosmic history of the universe and addressing philosophical questions about our existence.

Astronomers from all over the world are working on increasingly diverse topics in stellar astrophysics. Readers of this volume will find recent developments in a wide range of observational and
theoretical studies of high-energy and compact sources, dynamical and evolutionary explorations of normal stars, and measurements with interferometers, photometers, spectrographs, radio
telescopes, and satellites.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Lee, H.-W.; Kang, Y.; Leung, K.-C.
Conference Photos 2 Lee, H.-W.; Kang, Y.; Leung, K.-C.
Part I. Stellar Activities and Atmosphere   
Signs of Accretion in Stellar Abundance Patterns 3 Yushchenko, A.; Kang, Y. W.; Doikov, D.; Raikov, A.
Spectroscopic Analysis of Planetary Host Stars 9 Rittipruk, P.; Yushchenko, A.; Kang, Y. W.
Abundance Pattern Analysis of Planet-hosting and Debris-disk Stars 13 Rojas, M.; Drake, N. A.; Chavero, C.; Pereira, C. B.; Kholtygin, A. F.; Cahuasqui, J. A.
A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study on the Be Star CD–49 3441 with Large Near-Infrared Excess and Peculiar Variations 19 Lee, C.-D.; Walter, F.; Chen, W.-P.
Spectroscopic Monitoring of Southern Be Stars 25 Malasan, H. L.; Irfan, M.; Aprilia; Dawanas, D.
Magnetic Activities of Late-type Stars 33 Zhang, L. Y.; Pi, Q. F.; Zhou, A. Y.; Shi, J. R.; Luo, A. L.; Zhao, J. K.; Li, Z. M.; Lamost Collaboration
Disk Evolution of Young Stellar Objects in Lynds 1641 41 Kim, J. S.; Fang, M.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; van Boekel, R.; Henning, T.
Near-infrared Photometric Study on HBC 722 after its Outburst 49 Park, W.-K.; Sung, H.-I.; Yang, Y.; Lee, S.-G.; Yoon, T. S.; Lee, J.-E.; Kang, W.; Park, K.-H.; Cho, D.-H.; Park, S.
Are There Any Ultra-Long Period Cepheids in M31? 55 Lee, C.-H.; Ngeow, C.-C.; PTF Collaboration
Widest Separation and the Lowest Mass Objects among Planetary-mass Companion Candidates around Young Stars 59 Oh, D.
Multi-Color Variability Study of HBC 722 67 Baek, G.; Pak, S.; Green, J. D.; Lee, J.-E.; Bae, M. K.; Jeon, Y.; Choi, C.; Im, M.; Meschiari, S.
Lithium: Is It Possible to Generate It at the Stellar Surfaces? 71 Gopka, V. F.; Yushchenko, A. V.; Shavrina, A. V.; Yushchenko, V. A.
The Empirical Mass-Luminosity Relation 77 Fang, X.
Technetium Abundances in S-type AGB Stars to Constrain Mixing and Nucleosynthesis Processes 81 Neyskens, P.; Van Eck, S.; Plez, B.; Goriely, S.; Siess, L.; Jorissen, A.
The Pulsation Amplitude of the Cepheid Polaris Continues to Increase 83 Mkrtichian, D. E.; Brunt, H.; Lee, B.; Eaton, J.; Williamson, M.; Fekel, F.; Evans, N.; Han, I.
Part II. Binary Stars   
O-C Diagrams Analysis of Contact Binary Stars 89 Liao, W.-P.; Qian, S.-B.; He, J.-J.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Liu, L.
Statistics and Dynamical Stability of Observed Triple Stars 95 Fang, X.
Searching for Substellar Objects around HW Vir-like Binaries 101 Zhu, L.-Y.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhao, E.-G.; Liao, W.-P.; Liu, L.; He, J.-J.; Zola, S.
New Results on Contact Binary Stars 107 He, J.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; Liu, L.; Liao, W.
Mass transfer in Eccentric Binaries Using the Binary Evolution Code BINSTAR 113 Davis, P. J.; Siess, L.; Deschamps, R.
Period Studies of 79 Eccentric Eclipsing Binaries in the Large Magellanic Cloud 119 Hong, K.; Kang, Y. W.; Lee, C.-U.
Algol Evolution with Spin-down Mechanisms and Systemic Mass Loss 127 Deschamps, R.; Siess, L.; Davis, P. J.; Jorissen, A.
New Progress on the Short-Period Algol-type Binaries (SpABs) 135 Yang, Y.-G.
Analyzing the Binary System Using Standard Stellar Models: HIP 104858 143 Beom, M.; Kim, Y.-C.
Hipparcos Photocentric Orbits and Component Masses of 9 Double-lined Spectroscopic Binaries 147 Ren, S.; Wang, X.; Li, F.
Contact Binaries in the Galactic Star Cluster Berkeley 39 151 Liu, L.; Chen, W.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; He, J.; Liao, W.; Panwar, N.
The First Multi-band Photometric Study of V345 Cassiopeiae 157 Jeong, M.-J.; Kim, C.-H.
Preliminary Photometric Solutions of K-type Contact Binaries: RV Canes Venatici and V1799 Orion 163 Liu, N.; Qian, S.-B.; Leung, K.-C.
Part III. Compact Objects   
Dark-Spot Activity on the Secondary as the Origin of Variable Mass Accretion in Cataclysmic Variables 171 Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Lajús, E. F.; He, J.-J.; Liao, W.-P.; Zhao, E.-G.; Liu, L.; Yang, Y.-G.
Gravitational Waves from Core-collapse Supernovae and Long GRBsLong GRBs and massive stellar explosions from frame dragging around black holes 177 van Putten, M. H.P.M.
Common Envelope and the Binding Energy Consideration 185 Irawati, P.; Mahasena, P.
UU Aqr: Overview of Recent Observational Work at Bosscha Observatory 191 Suherli, J.; Malasan, H. L.
Raman Scattered He II 4332 and Photoionization Model in the Symbiotic Star V1016 Cygni 195 Lee, H.-W.; Heo, J.-E.; Lee, B.-C.
Vela Pulsar Glitches and Nuclear Superfluidity 201 Chamel, N.
SNUO Observation of GRB 130427A 203 Choi, C.; Im, M.
On the Orbital Period Changes of Two Possible Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae 207 Shi, G.; Shengbang, Q.
Near Infrared Images of the GRB 100205A Field 209 Kim, Y.; Im, M.
Black Hole Responsible for the Tidal Disruption of a Star in Swift J1644+57 213 Yoon, Y.; Im, M.
Part IV. Stellar Custers   
New Progresses on Binary Stars in Globular Cluster ω Centauri 219 Liu, L.; Qian, S.; Leung, K.-C.; Li, K.
A Key Science of the Starburst Open Cluster Westerlund 1: The Initial Mass Function 225 Lim, B.; Sung, H.; Hur, H.
Search for and Characterization of Open Clusters toward the Galactic Anti-center with Pan-STARRS1 233 Lin, C. C.; Chen, W. P.
The Reddening Law and Distance of the Highly Reddened Massive Young Open Cluster Westerlund 2 239 Hur, H.; Sung, H.; Lim, B.
Properties and Origin of the Old, Metal Rich, Star Cluster, NGC 6791 245 Carraro, G.
Young Star Clusters and Star-Forming Regions in M31 253 Kang, Y.; Rey, S.-C.; Bianchi, L.
An Empirical Clock to Measure the Dynamical Age of Stellar Systems 257 Dalessandro, E.
Eigenfunctions and Green's Function for Radiative Transfer Equation in Curvilinear Geometries 265 Freimanis, J.
Revisiting Three Blue Straggler Binaries 271 Wang, X.; Ren, S.
The Interstellar Reddening Law within 3kpc from the Sun 275 Sung, H.; Bessell, M. S.
Back Matter   
Author Index 279 Lee, H.-W.; Kang, Y.; Leung, K.-C.
Back Matter 281