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Paper: The Empirical Mass-Luminosity Relation
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 77
Authors: Fang, X.
Abstract: The recent works devoted to improving empirical Mass-Luminosity Relation (MLR) for main sequence stars are reviewed in this paper. In the mass-luminosity plane, the observational data are subjected to non-negligible errors in both coordinates with different dimensions. In order to obtain more reliable results, a more reasonable weight-assigning scheme is needed. Such a scheme is developed, with which each data point can have its own due contribution. For low mass stars (smaller than ∼1M), three-piecewise continuous improved MLRs in K, J and H bands are obtained respectively. For visual band, improved MLR for stars with mass spanning from 0.12M to 22.89 M, and improved MMLR (mass-metallicity-luminosity relation) for low mass stars which is based on our K band MLR and available observational metallicity data are provided. Further improvements of MLR would have to come from future observations.
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