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Paper: Multi-Color Variability Study of HBC 722
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 67
Authors: Baek, G.; Pak, S.; Green, J. D.; Lee, J.-E.; Bae, M. K.; Jeon, Y.; Choi, C.; Im, M.; Meschiari, S.
Abstract: We present preliminary results of the multi-color variability analysis for a newly confirmed FU Orionis-type object, HBC 722 (also known as LkHα 188 G4, PTF10qpf and V2493 Cyg). We carried out photometric observations in SDSS r, i and z bands from 2011 April to 2013 May with Camera for Quasars in Early uNiverse (CQUEAN) attached to the 2.1 m Otto Struve telescope at the McDonald Observatory. Minute-scale interval monitoring observations were conducted on chosen photometric nights during the observation campaign to obtain a sufficient number of samples for a short-term period analysis. HBC 722 has been gradually brightened for 2 years and exceeded the brightness of the first outburst peak. During the actively lasting over 3-year outburst event, short timescale mechanism may exist not acting like overall scale behavior which likely attribute to the distinctive color features in (r- i).
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