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Paper: Near-infrared Photometric Study on HBC 722 after its Outburst
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 49
Authors: Park, W.-K.; Sung, H.-I.; Yang, Y.; Lee, S.-G.; Yoon, T. S.; Lee, J.-E.; Kang, W.; Park, K.-H.; Cho, D.-H.; Park, S.
Abstract: HBC 722 (also known as LkHα 188-G4, V2493 Cyg, or PTF 10qpf) is a FU Orionis type young stellar object which showed an outburst on Sep. 2010. We have been monitoring its near infrared light curve since Nov. 2010, with Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Infrared Camera System (KASINICS). J, H, Ks light curves over about 2 years show that in all observed bands HBC 722 got fainter until around Apr. 2011, down to J∼10.7, H∼ 9.8, Ks9.3, but are getting brighter again after that. Large scatters in the obtained light curve prevented us from finding if there is any day timescale variation as reported in other optical observations. We also report current status on the research activities on this target, including Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) analysis and other photometric analyses.
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