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Paper: Young Star Clusters and Star-Forming Regions in M31
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 253
Authors: Kang, Y.; Rey, S.-C.; Bianchi, L.
Abstract: We studied the young star clusters and the star-forming regions in M31, with Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) imaging far-UV and near-UV. The GALEX imaging, combining deep sensitivity and entire coverage of the galaxy, provides a complete picture of the recent star formation in M31 and its variation with environment throughout the galaxy. The young star clusters distribution exhibits a distinct peak in the M31 disk around 10 - 12 kpc form the center and follow a spatial distribution similar to other tracers of disk structure. On the contrary, star-forming regions show two distinct peaks. We compared various properties (e.g., age, mass, spatial distribution) of young clusters and star-forming regions. The young clusters and massive star-forming regions might be associated with the well-known 10 kpc star formation ring structure. We suggest the occurrence of a significant recent star formation in the disk of M31.
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