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Paper: Lithium: Is It Possible to Generate It at the Stellar Surfaces?
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 71
Authors: Gopka, V. F.; Yushchenko, A. V.; Shavrina, A. V.; Yushchenko, V. A.
Abstract: The possible mechanisms of lithium production in stars of different types and ages remain completely unidentified up to now. We proposed the scenario of lithium production in multiple stellar systems at the evolutionary stages when one of the components is a young neutron star (NS). In this case the source of lithium is the result of irradiation of surface of optical star by high-energy particles accelerated to relativistic velocities in the inner parts of the accretion disk around a NS. We show that the understanding of the evolutionary phase of Li-rich stars is impossible without the understanding of evolutionary state of stars, containing no lithium. Accepting the idea of explanation the observed properties of lithium in the magnetic chemically peculiar (MCP) stars by the hypothesis of a double (multiple) stellar system with NS companion, it is possible to clarify the evolutionary state of Li-rich, Herbig AeBe, and T Tau type stars and the origin of related stellar groups such as HgMn, AmFm, and δ Scuti type stars.
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