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Paper: New Results on Contact Binary Stars
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 107
Authors: He, J.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; Liu, L.; Liao, W.
Abstract: Contact binary star is a kind of close binary with the strongest interaction binary system. Their formations and evolutions are unsolved problems in astrophysics. Since 2000, our groups have observed and studied more than half a hundred of contact binaries. In this report, I will summarize our new results of some contact binary stars (e.g. UZ CMi, GSC 03526-01995, FU Dra, GSC 0763-0572, V524 Mon, MR Com, etc.). They are as follow: (1) We discovered that V524 Mon and MR Com are shallow-contact binaries with their period decreasing; (2) GSC 03526-01995 is middle-contact binary without a period increasing or decreasing continuously; (3) UZ CMi, GSC 0763-0572 and FU Dra are middle-contact binaries with the period increasing continuously; (4) UZ CMi, GSC 03526-01995, FU Dra and V524 Mon show period oscillation which may imply the presence of additional components in these contact binaries.
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