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Paper: Near Infrared Images of the GRB 100205A Field
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 209
Authors: Kim, Y.; Im, M.
Abstract: GRB 100205A is suspected to be at redshift 11≲ z ≲ 13.5 because of its red H–K color, H–K=2.1±0.5. We observed the GRB 100205A field with WFCAM at UKIRT and MegaCam at CFHT, in order to find a z = 11 to 13 quasar that could be in the GRB field. The images were obtained in z, J, H, and K filters to the 5σ depths of 24.4, 21.7, 21.4, and 20.2 mag, respectively. We found 6 candidates that satisfy the criterion (non-detection in z-, J-band images and H–K>1.6). However, the color criterion is similar to the color of z3 galaxies (H–K>1.4), so the candidates could be such galaxies. These red objects were found to be strongly clustered in the UKIDSS UDS field, but not in the GRB 100205A field. However, their clustering in the GRB 100205A field is uncertain due to the shallow depths of J- and H-band images. Future, deep optical/NIR imaging should allow us to tell whether a high redshift quasar exists in the GRB 100205A field or not.
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