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Paper: The First Multi-band Photometric Study of V345 Cassiopeiae
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 157
Authors: Jeong, M.-J.; Kim, C.-H.
Abstract: The first two sets of the BVRI light curves of V345 Cas secured in 2007-2008 are investigated. The photometric solutions of the light curves with the Wilson-Devinney code show that V345 Cas is a semi-detached system with the smaller, less massive and cool secondary star filling its limiting Roche lobe. Masses and radii of two components are calculated to be as M1 = 1.63M, M2 = 0.80M, R1 = 1.65R, and R2 = 1.41R. A period study with all available times of minima shows that the orbital period has been possibly varied in a cyclical way, unfortunately two solutions with periods of 29.5 and 40.0 years are possible in parallel. The cause of the period changes is most likely due to the light-time effect by a third-body. The evolutionary status of two components of V345 Cas is discussed.
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