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Paper: Magnetic Activities of Late-type Stars
Volume: 482, 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 33
Authors: Zhang, L. Y.; Pi, Q. F.; Zhou, A. Y.; Shi, J. R.; Luo, A. L.; Zhao, J. K.; Li, Z. M.; Lamost Collaboration
Abstract: We present a brief overview for magnetic activities of late type stars in optical wavelength. Then, we introduce our ongoing project about magnetic activities of late-type stars. In the end, we listed our preliminary results, as follow. We revised orbital parameters and obtained new starspot parameters of a RS CVn eclipsing binary of V404 And and a low-mass eclipsing binary of NSVS 02502726. More interesting, we found new flare events on DV Psc. By analyzing the light curves, we found several Kepler eclipsing binaries show magnetic cycle. We also present chromospheric activities of late-type stars based on stellar spectrum survey of LAMOST (also called GuoShouJing telescope) in 2010-2013. Using the equivalent widths of the Hα line (larger than 1 Å), we have found 6391 active stars from 99741 M samples and revised the fraction of active as a function spectral type. The samples of M0-M3 of Lamost are larger than all previous samples, and the fractions are a bit larger than before. By comparing the TiO 5 and Ca H 1 2 3 molecular bands, there are many subdwarf candidates.
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