Title: Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Volume: 361 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Stefl, Stanislav; Owocki, Stanley P.; Okazaki, Atsuo T.
ISBN: 978-1-583812-29-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-295-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 361 Cover Stefl, S.; Owocki, S.P.; Okazaki, A.T.; Townsend, R.H.D.
Front Matter   
Volume 361 Front Matter 1 Stefl, S.; Owocki, S.P.; Okazaki, A.T.
Conference Photo   
Volume 361 Conference Photograph 2 Stefl, S.; Owocki, S.P.; Okazaki, A.T.
Session 1.
Active OB-Stars: Past, Present And Future
Overview of Active OB Stars (Invited Review) 3 Owocki, S.P.
Rotation and the Circumstellar Environment (Invited Review) 15 Howarth, I.D.
Statistical Inference of the Be Star Periodicity (Invited Review) 27 Hubert, A.M.
Discussion Session 1: Rapid Stellar Rotation and General Interests 39 Okazaki, A.T.
Session 2.
Dynamical Processes
Coupling of Rotation and Pulsation in OB Stars (Invited Review) 45 Lee, U.
New Interferometric Constraints on the Physics of Active OB-Stars 57 Jankov, S.; Domiciano de Souza, A.; Vakili, F.; Petrov, R.G.; Robbe-Dubois, S.
A High-Resolution Spectroscopic Survey of β Cephei Pulsations in Bright Stars 64 Telting, J.; Schrijvers, C.; Ilyin, I.; Uytterhoeven, K.; De Ridder, J.; Aerts, C.; Henrichs, H.
An Observational Study of Line-Profile Variable B Stars in Multiple Systems 70 Uytterhoeven, K.
New Perspectives on B Star X-ray Emission: The High-Resolution X-ray Spectra of Spica and β Cen 77 Miller, N.A.
Multiperiodic Pulsations in the Be Stars NW Ser and V1446 Aql. 84 Gutierrez-Soto, J.; Fabregat, J.; Suso, J.; Suarez, J.C.; Moya, A.; Garrido, R.; Hubert, A.; Floquet, M.; Neiner, C.; Fremat, Y.
Magnetic Field Measurements in OB stars (Invited Review) 91 Neiner, C.
The Influence of the Lorentz Force on Line Profiles in Early-Type Magnetic Stars 103 Vallverdu, R.E.; Cidale, L.S.; Rohrmann, R.D.
σ Ori E: The Archetypal Rigidly Rotating Magnetosphere 110 Townsend, R.H.D.
X-ray and Optical Properties of New γ Cas-Like Objects Discovered in X-ray Surveys 117 Motch, C.; Lopes de Oliveira, R.; Negueruela, I.; Haberl, F.; Janot-Pacheco, E.
Dynamic Tides in Close Binaries (Invited Review) 124 Willems, B.
Discussion Session 2: Dynamical Processes 136 Townsend, R.H.D.
Session 3.
Stellar Mass Loss as Origin of Circumstellar Material
Radiatively Driven Winds of OB Stars – from Micro to Macro (Invited Review) 153 Krticka, J; Kubat, J.
Time-Dependent Simulation of a Multicomponent Stellar Wind 165 Votruba, V.; Feldmeier, A.; Kubat, J.; Nikutta, R.
The Stellar Winds of Galactic Early B Supergiants 172 Searle, S.C.; Prinja, R.K.; Massa, D.
The Photosphere – Wind Connection in HD64760 179 Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Prinja, R.K.
Structure in the Winds of OB Stars: Radio and Millimeter Observations 186 Blomme, R.
Centrifugal Breakout of Magnetically Confined Line-Driven Stellar Winds 193 ud-Doula, A.
Nebulae from Eruptions of Luminous Evolved Stars: Eta Carinae, RY Scuti, and the LBVs 200 Smith, N.
Discussion Session 3: Mass Loss as Origin of Circumstellar Material 207 Bjorkman, J.E.; ud-Doula, A.
Session 4.
Structure and Dynamics of Circumstellar Disks
Links between Photospheric Activity and Formation of Circumstellar Structures of Be Stars (Invited Review) 219 Rivinius, T.
Theory vs. Observation of Circumstellar Disks and Their Formation (Invited Review) 230 Okazaki, A.T.
Modeling the Structure of Hot Star Disks: a Critical Evaluation of the Viscous Decretion Scenario 242 Carciofi, A.C.; Bjorkman, J.E.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Magalhaes, A.M.; Bjorkman, K.S.
Non-LTE Calculation for the Decretion Disk 249 Iwamatsu, H.; Hirata, R.
Discussion Session 4a: Structure and Dynamics of Circumstellar Disks 256 Owocki, S.P.
Polarimetry, Circumstellar Disks and Active OB Stars (Invited Review) 266 Bjorkman, K.
Disk Precession in Pleione 267 Hirata, R.
V/R Variations of Binary Be Stars 274 Stefl, S.; Okazaki, A.T.; Rivinius, T.; Baade, D.
Radiative Force and Circumstellar Disks 281 Kubat, J.
Interferometric Measurements of Fast Rotating OB Stars and Circumstellar Disks (Invited Review) 288 Chesneau, O.
First Observations of the Be Star α Ara with the VLTI 300 Stee, P.; Meilland, A.
CHARA Array Observations of Be Stars and Regulus (Invited Talk) 307 Gies, D.R.; Baines, E.K.; Berger, D.H.; Farrington, C.; Grundstrom, E.D.; Huang, W.; McAlister, H.A.; ten Brummelaar, T.A.
Discussion Session 4b: Role of Interferometry in Active OB-Star Research 314 Stee, P.
Session 5.
Evolutionary Effects in Active OB-Stars
Initial Conditions for Reaching Critical Velocity (Invited Review) 325 Meynet, G.; Ekstroem, S.; Maeder, A.; Barblan, F.
Activity of OB Stars and their Evolution (Invited Review) 337 Glatzel, W.
The Evolutionary Status of Be Stars (Invited Talk) 349 McSwain, M.V.; Gies, D.R.
Effects of Metallicity, Star Formation Conditions and Evolution of B & Be stars 356 Martayan, C.; Hubert, A.-M.; Floquet, M.; Neiner, C.; Fremat, Y.; Zorec, J.
Observational Evidence of the Evolutionary Enhancement of the Be Phenomenon 363 Fabregat, J.
The Upper Main Sequence of the Open Cluster NGC2169 370 McDavid, D.; Crisp, A.
Multiplicity, Activity and Fast Rotation in Early-Type Stars (Invited Review) 376 Negueruela, I.
Blue Stragglers, Be Stars and X-ray Binaries in Open Clusters 388 Marco, A.; Negueruela, I.; Motch, C.
Interaction between the Viscous Decretion Disk and the Neutron Star in Be/X-ray Binaries 395 Okazaki, A.T.; Hayasaki, K.
INTEGRAL and RXTE Observations of the Be/X-ray Binary EXO 2030+375 402 Camero-Arranz, A.; Wilson, C.A.; Connell, P.; Martinez Nunez, S.; Blay, P.; Beckmann, V.; Reglero, V.
Discussion Session 5: Evolutionary Effects and Binarity in Active OB-Stars 409 Negueruela, I.
Session 6.
Circumstellar Rings, Flat and Flaring Disks 419 Arias, M.L.; Zorec, J.; Fremat, Y.
Anomalies in the Balmer and Lyman Continuum and their Relation to the Thermodynamical and Dynamical Status of the Stellar Envelope 422 Cruzado, A.; Vazquez, A.C.; Ringuelet, A.E.
Rotation of Achernar and Regulus through Fourier Transform Analysis of High Resolution Spectra 425 Gavrilovic, N.; Jankov, S.
Long-Term Evolution of Accretion Disks around Neutron Stars in Be/X-ray Binaries 428 Hayasaki, K.; Okasaki, A.T.
SPH Simulations of Accretion Flow via Roche Lobe Overflow and via Mass Transfer from Be Disk 431 Hayasaki, K.; Okazaki, A.T.; Murray, J.R.
Discovery of Magnetic Fields in Slowly Pulsating B Stars 434 Hubrig, S.; Briquet, M.; Schoeller, M.; De Cat, P.; Mathys, G.; Neiner, C.
Long-Term Variations of Hα Emission of Be Stars in NGC 330 437 Hummel, W.
Recent Development of the Current Be-Phase of Pleione 440 Iliev, L.; Koubsky, P.; Kubat, J.; Kawka, A.
Updates on RXTE/PCA Monitoring of η Carinae 443 Ishibashi, K.; Corcoran, M.F.
Line Profile Study of Early-Type Stars with Chandra/HETGS 444 Ishibashi, K.; Schulz, N.S.
Test Observation of EN Lac with Iodine Cell at Okayama 445 Kambe, E.; Sato, B.; Izumiura, H.; Takeda, Y.
Populating the Galaxy with Close Be Binaries 448 Kiel, P.D.; Hurley, J.R.; Murray, J.R.; Hayasaki, K.
Study of the Line-Profile Variations in the Spectrum of ζ Oph during the May/June 2004 MOST Satellite Campaign 451 Koubsky, P.; Harmanec, P.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Yang, S.; Bohlender, D.; Kambe, E.; Hashimoto, O.
The Nature of Light Variations of the Helium Strong Chemically Peculiar Star HD 37776 454 Krticka, J.; Mikulasek, Z.; Zverko, J.; Ziznovsky, J.
Metallicity vs. Be Phenomenon Relation in the Solar Neighborhood 457 Levenhagen, R.S.; Leister, N.V.; Zorec, J.; Fremat, Y.
Short-Term Variability in Be Stars and Binaries in the Magellanic Cloud 460 Martayan, C.; Floquet, M.; Hubert, A.-M.; Mekkas, M.
Spectroscopic Observations of Hipparcos SPBs with Okayama-1.88m/HIDES 463 Masuda, S.; Hirata, R.
Light Variations and Angular Momentum Loss from the He-Strong Magnetic Chemically Peculiar Star HD 37776 466 Mikulasek, Z.; Krticka, J.; Zverko, J.; Ziznovsky, J.; Janik, J.
Light Variations of the Anomalous Central Star of Planetary Nebula Sh 2-71 469 Mikulasek, Z.; Skopal, A.; Zejda, M.; Pejcha, O.; Kohoutek, L.; Motl, D.; Vittone, A.A.; Errico, L.
A Spectroscopic Survey of NGC 7419 472 Negueruela, I.; Marco, A.; Motch, C.; Herrero, A.
Interferometric Observation of a Rapidly Rotating Star, Altair 475 Ohishi, N.
New Photometric Observations of σ Ori E 476 Oksala, M.; Townsend, R.H.D.
A Conceptual Analysis of Mass Loss in Wolf-Rayet Winds 479 Onifer, A.J.; Gayley, K.G.
Disentangling of Algol Spectra 482 Saad, S.M.; Hadrava, P.; Kubat, J.; Slechta, M.; Skoda, P.
Towards Asteroseismology of ζ Ophiuchi 485 Saio, H.; Mitsude, C.; Kambe, E.; Lee, U.
Magnetic Fields and UV-line Variability in β Cephei 488 Schnerr, R.S.; Henrichs, H.F.; Owocki, S.P.; ud-Doula, A.; Townsend, R.H.D.
Intergal Field Spectroscopy Survey of Classical LBV Stars in M33 491 Sholukhova, O.; Abolmasov, P.; Fabrika, S.; Afanasiev, V.
Pulsationally-Induced Changes in BW Vul's Photosphere 494 Smith, M.A.; Sterken, C.; Fullerton, A.W.
HD 110432: A Likely Near Twin of γ Cas 497 Smith, M.A.; Balona, L.A.
Discovery of Carbon Rich X-ray Emission from a Wolf-Rayet Binary θ Muscae 500 Sugawara, Y.; Maeda, Y.; Tsuboi, Y.; Yamamoto, A.
Circumstellar Envelopes in Be/X-ray Binaries 503 Torrejon, J.M.; Negueruela, I.; Riquelme, M.S.
Spectroscopic Behavior of Some He-Peculiar Stars 506 Torres, A.F.; Cruzado, A.; Cidale, L.S.; Arias, M.L.
Spectral Energy Distribution from Two-Component Stellar Winds 509 Torres, A.F.; Cidale, L.S.
Kappa-Mechanism Excitation of Retrograde Mixed Modes in B-Type Stars 512 Townsend, R.H.D.
Are All Non-Thermal Radio-Emitting O-Stars Binaries? 515 Van Loo, S.
Determination of Be-star Inclinations from Gravity-Darkened Photospheric Spectra 518 Vinicius, M.-M.F.; Townsend, R.H.D.; Leister, N.V.
Evolution of the Circumstellar Disk of α Eri 521 Vinicius, M.M.F.; Leister, N.V.; Zorec, J.; Levenhagen, R.S.
Toward Mapping the Detailed Density Structure of Classical Be Circumstellar Disks 524 Wisniewski, J.P.; Kowalski, A.F.; Bjorkman, K.S.; Bjorkman, J.E.
The Effects of Age and Metallicity on Be Circumstellar Disk Formation 527 Wisniewski, J.P.; Bjorkman, K.S.; Magalhaes, A.M.; Bjorkman, J.E.
CHANDRA Observations of OB stars in the Cygnus OB2 Association 530 Yanagida, T.; Ezoe, Y.; Kawaharada, M.; Kokubun, M.; Makishima, K.
Large X-ray Flares from B-Type Stars, HD261902 and HD47777, in NGC2264 Observed with CHANDRA 533 Yanagida, T.; Ezoe, Y.; Kawaharada, M.; Kokubun, M.; Makishima, K.
A Search for Magnetic Fields in Be Stars with FORS 1 at the VLT 536 Yudin, R.V.; Hubrig, S.; Schoeller, M.; Rivinius, T.; Stefl, S.; Pogodin, M.; Peters, G.
Rotation in the ZAMS: Be and Bn stars 539 Zorec, J.; Fremat, Y.; Martayan, C.; Cidale, L.S.; Torres, A.F.
Differential Rotation in Early-Type Stars 542 Zorec, J.; Fremat, Y.; Domiciano de Souza, A.
Session 7.
Summary discussion
Active OB Stars: Rounding them up 547 Baade, D.
Back Matter   
Volume 361 Back Matter 559 Stefl, S.; Owocki, S.P.; Okazaki, A.T.
Volume 361 Photographs 999 Stefl, S.; Owocki, S.P.; Okazaki, A.T.