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Paper: Evolution of the Circumstellar Disk of α Eri
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 521
Authors: Vinicius, M.M.F.; Leister, N.V.; Zorec, J.; Levenhagen, R.S.
Abstract: The Hα line emission formation region in the circumstellar disc of α Eri is: a) extended with a steep outward matter density decline during low Hα emission phases; b) less extended with rather constant density distribution during the strong Hα emission. The long-term variation of the Hα emission has a 14-15 year cyclic B⇔Be phase transition. The disc formation time scales agree with the viscous decretion model. The time required for the disc dissipation is longer than expected from the viscous disc model.
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