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Paper: Theory vs. Observation of Circumstellar Disks and Their Formation (Invited Review)
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 230
Authors: Okazaki, A.T.
Abstract: Several classes of active OB stars have circumstellar disks. Among them, Be stars have many unique characteristics. In this review, I first discuss key observational features of circumstellar disks around Be stars, which provide constraints on disk properties, such as the geometry, the density and temperature distributions, the velocity field, and physical processes on the disk formation and loss. Then, I discuss the disk evolution on the basis of the viscous decretion disk model, which is at present the most satisfactory model. I also show how the Be disk evolves when the mass ejection from the central star is turned off for a while and then resumed.
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