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Paper: INTEGRAL and RXTE Observations of the Be/X-ray Binary EXO 2030+375
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 402
Authors: Camero-Arranz, A.; Wilson, C.A.; Connell, P.; Martinez Nunez, S.; Blay, P.; Beckmann, V.; Reglero, V.
Abstract: During INTEGRAL's Performance and Verification phase (December 2002) a type–I outburst of the Be/X–ray binary EXO 2030+375 was detected. A pulse period of 41.691798±0.000016 s was found, and the ] luminosity in the 5–300 keV energy range was 9.7×1036 erg s−1 for a distance of 7.1 kpc. Two unusual features were found in the light curve, with an initial peak before the main outburst and another possible spike after the maximum. RXTE observations confirm only the existence of the initial spike. The physical mechanisms producing these two features are unknown. The 5–300 keV broad-band spectrum can be modeled by the sum of a disk black body (kTBB ∼8 keV) with either a power law model with Γ=2.04±0.11 keV or a Comptonized component (spherical geometry, kTe=30 keV, τ=2.64, kTW=1.5 keV).
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