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Paper: Intergal Field Spectroscopy Survey of Classical LBV Stars in M33
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 491
Authors: Sholukhova, O.; Abolmasov, P.; Fabrika, S.; Afanasiev, V.
Abstract: Five well-known LBV stars in M33 were observed with the Multi- Pupil Fiber Spectrograph (MPFS) on the 6-m Russian telescope. We observed LBVs var A, var B, var C, var 2 and var 83 with spatial resolution 4 pc in spectral range 4000 - 6800 A. In three LBV stars (var 2, var 83, var B) large-scale nebulae were found with sizes from 15 pc and larger. The nebula shapes are complex, like one-side tails or conical nebulae. They all are related to their LBV stars. In var 2 and var 83 stars we found radial velocity gradients 15–30 km/s. The stars varA and varC do not show extended nebulae, but nebular lines are certainty present in their spectra.
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