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Paper: The Photosphere – Wind Connection in HD64760
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 179
Authors: Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Prinja, R.K.
Abstract: The intrinsically fast rotating early-type B supergiant HD64760 (B0.5 Ib) exhibits the most striking and clearly systematic wind structure of all known O and early B supergiant stars studied in the UV (Prinja et al. 1995). With the discovery of strictly periodic and sinusoidal modulations of the UV resonance lines at periods of 1.2 and 2.4 days (Fullerton et al. 1997), HD64760 has become a key object in the study of spatially structured hot star winds and their connection to the stellar surface. We present the results from extended optical spectroscopic time series observations, which allows one to probe the transition zone between the photosphere and the base of the stellar wind. The confirmation of the periodic 2.4-day signal in the Hff line (Kaufer et al. 2002) suggests that the prominent wind modulation as probed by the UV resonance lines at high outflow velocities is rooted to the base of the wind. The possible connections of the wind structure with the very recently discovered multi-periodic non-radial pulsations in the photosphere (Kaufer et al. 2005) is discussed in some detail.
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