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Paper: Circumstellar Envelopes in Be/X-ray Binaries
Volume: 361, Active OB-Stars: Laboratories For Stellar and Circumstellar Physics
Page: 503
Authors: Torrejon, J.M.; Negueruela, I.; Riquelme, M.S.
Abstract: In this paper we present linear correlations between (B−V ) color excesses and the amount of circumstellar emission, as measured by the strength of the Hα emission line, for a sample of Be/X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds and in the Milky Way. These relationships allow us to correct the spectrum from circumstellar radiation and disentangle the true interstellar reddening. It is shown that: a) the circumstellar excess is ∼ 10 times higher for Be stars in binaries than for isolated Be stars with the same amount of emission, b) the circumstellar color excess in (B−V ) presents a saturation at ∼ 0.2 magnitudes beyond −We(Hα) ≈ 20 Å c) the total reddening in the Milky Way sources is always much larger than for Magellanic Cloud sources, an effect attributable to the interstellar component d) we detect, in our data and through a search of literature, almost no mild emitters in the SMC and no strong emitters in the LMC. While the LMC lack of strong emitters is compatible with statistics for the Galaxy, the lack of mild emitters in the SMC points to a possible connection between emission strength and metallicity.
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