Title: Connecting People to Science
Volume: 457 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Joseph B. Jensen, James G. Manning, Michael G. Gibbs, and Doris Daou
The Astronomical Society of the Pacfic (ASP), in partnership with the American
Geophysical Union (AGU), the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and a
number of co-sponsors, hosted a national education and public outreach (EPO)
conference in Baltimore, Maryland, July 30–August 4, 2011. This meeting represented
the 123rd annual meeting of the ASP, founded in 1889, and which today continues to advance science literacy through astronomy.
The meeting provided a forum for those engaged in various aspects of earth and space
science EPO, and other forms of science education and communication, to come
together and share experience, expertise, and perspectives on how best to connect our audiences and constituencies to the understanding, process, and practice of science. This volume provides a summary of the meeting to serve as a useful reference for those engaged in EPO activities or those who wish to learn about the field. The conference included, among its participants, scientists, NASA and NSF funded
EPO professionals, K-12 teachers, university educators and administrators, informal science educators from a variety of venues, writers, social media experts, and other
professionals. Transcripts and summaries of many of their presentations, posters,
workshops, and special interest group discussions are included within.
The ASP regularly publishes both scholarly and educational materials, conducts professional development programs for formal and informal educators, and holds
conferences, symposia and workshops for astronomers and educators specializing in
education and public outreach. The ASP's education programs are funded by corporations, private foundations, the National Science Foundation, NASA, private donors, and its own members. More information about the Society, its products and services,
and how to become a member of the Society and support its work may be obtained at
its website:
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Jensen, J. B.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M.
Conference Photos 1 Jensen, J. B.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M.
Part I. Plenary Sessions   
Unscientific America: What's the Problem? What's the Solution? 3 Mooney, C.
Looking Homeward Toward Earth: The Power of Perspective 5 Abdalati, W.
Engaging Girls in STEM: A Discussion of Foundational and Current Research on What Works 7 Peterson, K.; Jesse, J.; Migus, L. H.
Why Counting Attendees Won't Cut it for Evaluation in the 21st Century: Planning and Evaluating Informal Science Programs 9 Korn, R.
New Views of Diverse Worlds 17 Blewett, D.
Tales from the Twitterverse 19 deGrasse Tyson, N.
Part II.Workshops and Special Sessions   
Hanny and the Mystery of the Voorwerp: Citizen Science in the Classroom 23 Costello, K.; Reilly, E.; Bracey, G.; Gay, P.
Top 10 Things NOT to Do if You Want to Get Published in Astronomy Education Review 27 Fraknoi, A.
The Sun Funnel: A Do-It-Yourself Projection Device for Safe Solar Viewing by Groups 29 Fienberg, R. T.; Bueter, C.; Mayo, L. A.
Engaging Girls in STEM: How to Plan or Revamp Your EPO Resources or Activities to be More Effective for Girls 37 Bleacher, L. V.; Peterson, K. A.; Sharma, M.; Smith, D.
Engaging Girls in STEM: A Discussion of Foundational and Current Research on What Works 43 Sharma, M.; Peterson, K. A.; Bleacher, L. V.; Smith, D. A.
Using the Big Ideas in Cosmology to Teach College Students 49 Coble, K.; Cominsky, L. R.; McLin, K. M.; Metevier, A. J.; Bailey, J. M.
Exploring Transiting Extrasolar Planets in your Astronomy Lab, Classroom, or Public Presentation 59 Newbury, P.
STOP for Science! A School-Wide Science Enrichment Program 69 Slane, P.; Slane, R.; Arcand, K. K.; Lestition, K.; Watzke, M.
Barriers, Lessons Learned, and Best Practices in Engaging Scientists in Education and Public Outreach 81 Buxner, S. R.; Sharma, M.; Hsu, B.; Peticolas, L.; Nova, M. A. M.; CoBabe-Ammann, E.
MY NASA DATA: An Earth Science Data Visualization Tool\newline for the Classroom 89 Lewis, P.; Oostra, D.; Crecelius, S.; Chambers, L. H.
Bring NASA's Year of the Solar System into Your Programs 91 Shupla, C.; Shipp, S.; LaConte, K.; Dalton, H.; Buxner, S.; Boonstra, D.; Ristvey, J.; Wessen, A.; Zimmerman-Brachman, R.; CoBabe-Ammann, E.
Citizen Science: Mapping the Moon and Mercury 93 Bracey, G.; Costello, K.; Gay, P.; Reilly, E.
Science Standards: The Next Generation; Minimum Astronomy and Space Science Concepts in a K–12 Curriculum 97 Hennig, L. A. A.; Bishop, J.; Geller, H.; Gould, A.; Schatz, D.
Collaborating with Public Libraries: Successes, Challenges, and Thoughts for the Future 101 Smith, D. A.; Eisenhamer, B.; Sharma, M.; Brandehoff, S.; Dominiak, J.; Shipp, S.; LaConte, K.
Incorporating the Performing Arts and Museum Exhibit Development in a Multidisciplinary Approach to Science Learning for Teenage Youth 107 Porro, I.; Dussault, M.; Barros-Smith, R.; Wise, D.; LeBlanc, D.
Earth Science Mobile App Development for Non-Programmers 115 Oostra, D.; Crecelius, S.; Lewis, P.; Chambers, L. H.
Kinesthetic Activities to Teach Challenging Topics 117 Smalley, D.
Part III. Oral Contributions   
The 2012 Transit of Venus 123 Deans, P.
Engaging the Public with Astronomy in Collaboration with Outdoors/Nature Education Programs 131 Arion, D. N.; DeLucia, S.
What Would Galileo Do? An Update on the Galileo Teacher Training Program 137 Kruse, B.; Manning, J. G.; Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.
Hawaii's Annual Journey Through the Universe Program 141 Harvey, J.; Daou, D.; Day, B.; Slater, T. F.; Slater, S. J.
WWT Ambassadors: WorldWide Telescope for Interactive Learning 149 Udomprasert, P. S.; Goodman, A. A.; Wong, C.
The Galileo Teacher Training Program Global Efforts 155 Doran, R.; Pennypacker, C.; Ferlet, R.
The ELAA 2 Citizen Science Project: The Case for Science, Equity, and Critical Thinking in Adult English Language Instruction 161 Basham, M.
Amidst the Beauty of the Night Sky, which of the Constellations am I? 165 Herrmann, K. A.
Improving the Pipeline of Women in STEM Fields: Addressing Challenges in Instruction, Engagement, and Evaluation of an Aerospace Workshop Series for Girl Scouts 171 Sealfon, C. D.; Plummer, J. D.
The Unknown Moon: Eliminating Misconceptions and Strengthening Lunar Science Literacy in the Classroom 179 Novak, M. A. M.
Introducing Astrophysics and Cosmology as Part of Multidisciplinary Approaches to Liberal Arts Courses Addressing “The Big Questions” of Human Experience 185 Wesney, J. C.
Spectra, Doppler Shifts, and Exoplanets: A Novel Approach via Interactive Animated Spreadsheets 191 Sinex, S. A.
Part IV. Poster Contributions   
American Geophysical Union Education and Public Outreach Programs: Empowering Future Earth and Space Scientists 201 Adamec, B. H.; Asher, P.
“From Earth to the Solar System:” Public Science Exhibitions for NASA's Year of the Solar System 205 Arcand, K. K.; Watzke, M.; Fletcher, J.; Scalice, D.
Developing Teenage Youth's Science Identity Through an Astronomy Apprenticeship: Summative Evaluation Results 209 Barros-Smith, R.; Porro, I.; Norland, E.
Creative Writing and Learning in a Conceptual Astrophysics Course 213 Berenson, R.
“Teachers Touch the Sky:” A Workshop in Astronomy for Teachers in Grades 3–9 215 Buratti, B. J.
Workshops in Science Education and Resources (Project WISER): A Model for Building Content and Pedagogical Skills in Space Science for Elementary and Middle School Teachers 221 Buxner, S. R.; Crown, D. A.; Lebofsky, L. A.; Croft, S. K.; Cañizo, T. L.; Pierazzo, E.; Kortenkamp, S.; Baldridge, A.; Project WISER Team
Thinking and Acting Like Scientists: Inquiry in the Undergraduate Astronomy Classroom 225 Cobb, B. E.
Hubble's Early Release Observations Student Pilot Project: Implementing Formal and Informal Collaborations 229 Eisenhamer, B.; Ryer, H.; McCallister, D.
Comet Inquiry in Action: Developing Conceptual Understanding of Comets through Stardust and Deep Impact Mission EPO Activities 233 Feaga, L.; Warner, E.; Ristvey, J.; Cobb, W.; Meyer, A.
Visualizing Planetary Magnetic Fields (and Why You Should Care) 235 Fillingim, M.; Brain, D.; Peticolas, L.; Yan, D.; Fricke, K.
The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD-ROM: A Collection of Hands-on Activities, Resource Guides, Informational Articles, and Videos for Teaching Astronomy 239 Fraknoi, A.; Kruse, B.; Gurton, S.; Schmitt, A. H.; Proudfit, L.; Schatz, D.
Developing STEM Leaders Through Space Science Education and Public Outreach 243 Gibbs, M. G.; Veenstra, D.
Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education 247 Gould, A.
A Teacher Professional Development Program on Comets 253 Hemenway, M. K.; Cochran, A.; Meyer, J.; Green, W.; Rood, M.
The Lowell Observatory Navajo-Hopi Astronomy Outreach Program 257 Herrmann, K. A.; Hunter, D. A.; Bosh, A. S.; Johnson, M.; Schindler, K.
Spatial Sense and Perspective: A 3-D Model of the\newline Orion Constellation 263 Heyer, I.; Slater, T. F.; Slater, S. J.
A New Approach to Active Learning in the Planetarium 269 Hodge, T. M.; Saderholm, J. C.
Astronomy Behind the Headlines: Developing a Series of Podcasts on Current Topics in Astronomy 275 Kruse, B.; Petersen, C. C.; Petersen, M. C.; Gurton, S.; Schmitt, A. H.; Fraknoi, A.; Proudfit, L.
Using Wide-Field Meteor Cameras to Actively Engage\newline Students in Science 279 Kuehn, D. M.; Scales, J. N.
Bringing the Virtual Astronomical Observatory to the\newline Education Community 283 Lawton, B.; Eisenhamer, B.; Mattson, B. J.; Raddick, M. J.
Mobile Phone Application Development for the Classroom 287 Lewis, P.; Oostra, D.; Crecelius, S.; Chambers, L. H.
Astronomy Beat: A New Project to Record and Present the “Behind the Scenes” Story of Astronomical Projects and Programs 289 Manning, J.; Fraknoi, A.; Proudfit, L.
An Informed Approach to Improving Quantitative Literacy and Mitigating Math Anxiety in Undergraduates Through Introductory Science Courses 295 Follette, K.; McCarthy, D.
Engaging in Online Group Discussions Using Facebook to Enhance Social Presence 299 Miller, S. T.
“Lunar Phases Project” as a Foundation for the Development of Innovative Inquiry Based ASTRO 101 Activities Utilizing Existing Concept Inventories as Assessment Tools 305 Mon, M. J.; Meyer, A. O.
NASA Heliophysics Education and Public Outreach Forum Product Analysis Effort 309 Bartolone, L.; Nichols, M.; Withnell, H.; Ali, N. A.; Mendez, B.; Paglierani, R.; Peticolas, L.
Women in Planetary Science: Career Resources and e-Mentoring on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest 313 Niebur, S. M.; Singer, K.; Gardner-Vandy, K.
Innovative Low Cost Science Education Technology Tools: Increasing Access to Science for All 317 Noel-Storr, J.; Cole, B. N.
A Place of Transformation: Lessons from the Cosmic Serpent Informal Science Education Professional Development Project 321 Peticolas, L.; Maryboy, N.; Begay, D.; Stein, J.; Valdez, S.; Paglierani, R.
Preservice Teachers' First Experiences Teaching Astronomy: Challenges in Designing and Implementing Inquiry-Based Astronomy Instruction for Elementary Students in After School Programs 325 Plummer, J. D.
Authentic Astronomy Research Experiences for Teachers: The NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) 329 Rebull, L. M.; Gorjian, V.; Squires, G.; NITARP Team
Engaging Teachers and Students in the Rio Grande Valley in Earth and Space Science: Chapter II 335 Ries, J. G.; Baguio, M.; Ramirez, S.
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: Keeping Citizen Scientists in the Dark 339 Ross, R. J.
Are We Teaching Students to Think Like Scientists? 343 Rubbo, L. J.; Moore, J. C.
Anatomy of an App: Why Design and Content are Essential for Outreach 349 Santascoy, J. S.; Cieplinski, J.
Interactive Spherical Projection Presentations Teach Students about the Moon and Mercury 352 Sherman, S. B.; James, B.; Au, C.; Lum, K.; Gillis-Davis, J. J.
Working Together Through NASA's Astrophysics Forum: Collaborations Across the Spectrum 355 Smith, D. A.; Sharma, M.; Watkins, M.; Lawton, B.; Eisenhamer, B.; McCallister, D.; Bartolone, L.; Nichols, M.; Withnell, H.; Schultz, G.; Fraknoi, A.; Manning, J. G.; Blair, W.; Bianchi, L.
Teaching the Moon: A Study of Teaching Methodology Across Age Groups 359 Tucker, F.; Paust, N.
Astronomy Outreach Activities in Chile: IYA 2009 and Beyond 363 Vogt, N.; Evans, M.; Aranda, J.; Gotta, V.; Monsalves, A.; Puebla, E.
That's MY Astronaut! Could Democratic Space Tourism Contribute to Earth Stewardship? 367 Wallace, E. F.
Astronomy Education and Public Outreach Research: A First Attempt at a Resource Guide 370 Fraknoi, A.
Author Index 375 Jensen, J. B.; Manning, J. G.; Gibbs, M.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 379