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Paper: Workshops in Science Education and Resources (Project WISER): A Model for Building Content and Pedagogical Skills in Space Science for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 221
Authors: Buxner, S. R.; Crown, D. A.; Lebofsky, L. A.; Croft, S. K.; Cañizo, T. L.; Pierazzo, E.; Kortenkamp, S.; Baldridge, A.; Project WISER Team
Abstract: The Planetary Science Institute (PSI), in partnership with the Tucson Regional Science Center, is offering a series of professional development workshops targeting elementary and middle school science teachers in Southern Arizona. Facilitated by a team of earth and space scientists and educators, these workshops provide teachers with in-depth content knowledge of fundamental concepts in astronomy, geology, and planetary science. Each workshop is designed around core content big ideas (Wiggins & McTighe 1998), including all materials and assessments. During workshops, teachers participate in hands-on exercises using images and maps, and they conduct their own experiments.
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