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Paper: Incorporating the Performing Arts and Museum Exhibit Development in a Multidisciplinary Approach to Science Learning for Teenage Youth
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 107
Authors: Porro, I.; Dussault, M.; Barros-Smith, R.; Wise, D.; LeBlanc, D.
Abstract: It is not unusual for science educators to experience frustration in implementing learning initiatives for teenage youth who are not already hooked with science. Such frustration may lead them to focus their attention on different audiences, missing an opportunity to break the chain of science apathy among these youth. Youth's apparent lack of interest in science is associated with behavior typical of adolescence and the inadequacy of many science programs to adapt to meet the need of this audience. Teenage youth identify effective programs as those that engage them in challenging but fun activities and that contribute to their social development. Youth are looking for opportunities for skills and knowledge development that are otherwise unavailable to them in or out of school, and for positive relationships with adults with unique expertise in science and other fields. The Youth Astronomy Apprenticeship (YAA) has been successful in reaching out to teenage youth through the implementation of a model that incorporates principles of positive youth development in a multidisciplinary approach to science education. The project-based outcome of YAA participation is the creation and implementation of artistic performances, planetarium shows, museum exhibits, and even entertaining PowerPoint presentations.
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