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Paper: MY NASA DATA: An Earth Science Data Visualization Tool\newline for the Classroom
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 89
Authors: Lewis, P.; Oostra, D.; Crecelius, S.; Chambers, L. H.
Abstract: Have you needed a source of up-to-date authentic data to use in the classroom? Do your students wonder why they need to know how to use data? This workshop shows how to engage your science students using authentic NASA satellite data! Explore the MY NASA DATA Live Access Server along with classroom-ready lessons using real satellite data. These data can be visualized in a number of ways to suit your established curriculum while grabbing the attention of your students. A focus on the implementation and use of Earth Systems data sets, developed for student researchers in grades K–12, will allow you to better make use of this wonderful tool. All of the data sets are derived from an archive of remotely sensed data retrieved from the myriad of NASA's Earth Observing System Satellites. The data that you and your students will be using and manipulating is the same data, formatted for educational use, that NASA scientists rely on every day to better understand our Earth. Regardless of what subject you teach, you will find multiple lesson plans that will fit right into your class. For more information on the project, go to the MY NASA DATA webpage at
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