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Paper: STOP for Science! A School-Wide Science Enrichment Program
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 69
Authors: Slane, P.; Slane, R.; Arcand, K. K.; Lestition, K.; Watzke, M.
Abstract: Young students are often natural scientists. They love to poke and prod, and they live to compare and contrast. What is the fastest animal? Where is the tallest mountain on Earth (or in the Solar System)? Where do the colors in a rainbow come from? And why do baseball players choke up on their bats? Educators work hard to harness this energy and enthusiasm in the classroom but, particularly at an early age, science enrichment—exposure outside the formal classroom—is crucial to help expand science awareness and hone science skills. Developed under a grant from NASA's Chandra X-ray Center, “STOP for Science!” is a simple but effective (and extensible) school-wide science enrichment program aimed at raising questions about science topics chosen to capture student interest. Created through the combined efforts of an astrophysicist and an elementary school principal, and strongly recommended by NASA's Earth & Space Science product review, “STOP for Science” combines aesthetic displays of science topics accompanied by level-selected questions and extensive facilitator resources to provide broad exposure to familiar, yet intriguing, science themes.
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