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Paper: Science Standards: The Next Generation; Minimum Astronomy and Space Science Concepts in a K–12 Curriculum
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 97
Authors: Hennig, L. A. A.; Bishop, J.; Geller, H.; Gould, A.; Schatz, D.
Abstract: Educators from all U.S. planetarium associations have been working for months to provide input into the construction of the National Research Council's (NRC) new framework for K–12 science education. Simultaneously, the planetarium associations produced a document useful to the entire K–12 community and the future authors of the Next Generation Science Education Standards. “Astronomy Literacy: Essential Concepts for a K–12 Curriculum” includes both big picture concepts and grade specific concepts. This document has an extensive grade-by-grade list of astronomical concepts, making it a simple task to construct a school-wide astronomy curriculum. After an introduction to the curriculum document, stakeholders may explore different parts of the document in depth and provide feedback that can be used to refine the document and provide additional input to the Next Generation Science Education Standards. Furthermore, the workshop allowed participants an opportunity to provide more detailed input into the development of the new science education standards to be developed by the organization Achieve. Stakeholders may now provide input regarding the planetarium societies' list of grade appropriate astronomy concepts that should be included in the Next Generation Science Education Standards, provide input that will be shared with the developers of the new science education standards, and know how they can continue to be involved in the standards development process.
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