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Paper: Earth Science Mobile App Development for Non-Programmers
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 115
Authors: Oostra, D.; Crecelius, S.; Lewis, P.; Chambers, L. H.
Abstract: A number of cloud based visual development tools have emerged that provide methods for developing mobile applications quickly and without previous programming experience. The MY NASA DATA (MND) team would like to begin a discussion on how we can best leverage current mobile app technologies and available Earth science datasets. The MY NASA DATA team is developing an approach based on two main ideas. The first is to teach our constituents how to create mobile applications that interact with NASA datasets; the second is to provide web services or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that create sources of data that educators, students and scientists can use in their own mobile app development. This framework allows data providers to foster mobile application development and interaction while not becoming a software clearing house. MY NASA DATA's research has included meetings with local data providers, educators, libraries and individuals. A high level of interest has been identified from initial discussions and interviews. This overt interest combined with the marked popularity of mobile applications in our societies has created a new channel for outreach and communications with and between the science and educational communities.
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