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Paper: “From Earth to the Solar System:” Public Science Exhibitions for NASA's Year of the Solar System
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 205
Authors: Arcand, K. K.; Watzke, M.; Fletcher, J.; Scalice, D.
Abstract: Launched in May 2011, “From Earth to the Solar System” (FETTSS) is a public science program that brings planetary science, astronomy, and astrobiology images to audiences in non-traditional science outreach locations. FETTSS seeks to sustain and build upon the success of the award-winning International Year of Astronomy 2009 project “From Earth to the Universe.” FETTSS utilizes a similar grass-roots-type of approach to emphasize the point that science-learning experiences can be anywhere. Exhibiting a curated collection of print-ready images of the Solar System, FETTSS aims to spark socially-based engagement and enhance exploration of astronomical content through free-choice learning outside the walls of (but also in partnership with) science centers or planetariums. The research component of FETTSS investigates casual versus intentional audiences, the possibility for participants to reshape their identity or non-identity with science through public events, and additional audience demographics.
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