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Paper: Spatial Sense and Perspective: A 3-D Model of the\newline Orion Constellation
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 263
Authors: Heyer, I.; Slater, T. F.; Slater, S. J.
Abstract: Building a scale model of the Orion constellation provides spatial perspective for students studying astronomy. For this activity, students read a passage from literature that refers to stars being strange when seen from a different point of view. From a data set of the seven major stars of Orion they construct a 3-D distance scale model. This involves the subject areas of astronomy, mathematics, literature and art, as well as the skill areas of perspective, relative distances, line-of-sight, and basic algebra. This model will appear from one side exactly the way we see it from Earth. But when looking at it from any other angle the familiar constellation will look very alien. Students are encouraged to come up with their own names and stories to go with these new constellations. This activity has been used for K–12 teacher professional development classes, and would be most suitable for grades 6–12.
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