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Paper: Innovative Low Cost Science Education Technology Tools: Increasing Access to Science for All
Volume: 457, Connecting People to Science
Page: 317
Authors: Noel-Storr, J.; Cole, B. N.
Abstract: We present three low cost educational technology tools that have been developed by the Rochester Institute of Technology Insight Lab. Our technology tools are designed with cost and “user-tinkerability” in mind, to increase the potential for technology-rich access to scientific data to be in the hands of a much larger slice of the population. The three tools presented are the Planeterrainium—A digital interactive floor projection system allowing users to explore the planets in 3D; the Digital Solar Explorer—a 5 foot inflatable sphere designed to allow for the exploration of solar imagery; and the Scube – a digital immersive tentware system. We describe projects that involve both undergraduate and high school students in the development of content for these systems, encouraging the growth of both scientific and technological literacy in the process.
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