Title: 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Volume: 334 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Koester, Detlev; Moehler, Sabine
ISBN: 1-58381-197-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-268-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
White Dwarf Structure, Evolution, and Galactic Distribution
The White Dwarf Luminosity Function: The Shape of Things to Come 3 von Hippel, T.; Kilic, M.; Munn, J.A.; Harris, H.C.; Williams, K.A.; Liebert, J.; Winget, D.E.; Metcalfe, T.S.; Shipman, H.L.; Wood, M.A.; Oswalt, T.D.; Kleinman, S.J.; Nitta, A.
Initial Results From the Lick-Arizona White Dwarf Survey 8 Williams, K.A.; Bolte, M.
Spectroscopy of Faint White Dwarfs - The DA/DB Ratio and the Initial-Final Mass Relation 9 Kalirai, J.S.; Richer, H.B.; Reitzel, D.; Hansen, B.M.S.; Rich, R.M.; Fahlman, G.G.; Gibson, B.K.; von Hippel, T.
On Supermassive White Dwarfs 15 Weidemann, V.
Faint Blue Objects in the Hubble Deep Field North 21 Kilic, M.; von Hippel, T.; Mendez, R.A.; Winget, D.E.
A Detailed Photometric Analysis of Halo White Dwarf Candidates 27 Bergeron, P.; Ruiz, M.-T.; Hamuy, M.; Leggett, S.K.; Currie, M.J.; Lajoie, C.-P.; Dufour, P.
Prospects for Observing White Dwarfs with SIM: the Space Interferometry Mission 33 Shipman, H.L.; Provencal, J.L.
Estimating White Dwarf Luminosity Functions 37 Garcia-Berro, E.; Geijo, E.M.; Torres, S.; Isern, J.
White Dwarfs and Metal Abundances 43 Isern, J.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Domiguez, I.; Salaris, M.; Straniero, O.
Carbon in Hot DB White Dwarfs: A New Challenge for the Theory of the Spectral Evolution of White Dwarfs 49 Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
White Dwarfs in ω Centauri: Preliminary Evidence 55 Bono, G.; Monelli, M.; Stetson, P.B.; Prada Moroni, P.G.; Buonanno, R.; Calamida, A.; Ferraro, I.; Iannicola, G.; Corsi, C.E.; Pulone, L.
Formation and Evolution of Hydrogen-Deficient post-AGB White Dwarfs 61 Althaus, L.; Panei, J.; Corsico, A.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Scoccola, C.
Determination of a Modern Equation of State for the Liquid/Solid Core of White Dwarf Stars 65 Kitsikis, A.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
White Dwarf Cooling by Means of Heat Waves 69 Falcon, N.
Successors of White Dwarfs---Blue Hook Stars and the Late Hot Flasher Scenario 73 Moehler, S.; Sweigart, A.V.; Landsman, W.B.; Hammer, N.J.; Dreizler, S.
White Dwarfs in Open Clusters: Calibrating the Clock 77 von Hippel, T.; Winget, D.E.; Jefferys, W.H.; Scott, J.G.
3D-Kinematics of White Dwarfs from the SPY-Project 81 Pauli, E.-M.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.; Altmann, M.; Odenkirchen, M.
Spatially Varying IMFs and Halo White Dwarfs 85 Torres, S.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Isern, J.
Mass Determination of DA White Dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 89 Giovannini, O.; da Costa, A.F.M.; Castanheira, B.G.; Kepler, S.O.
A Model of the Local WD Population 93 Schroeder, K.-P.; Napiwotzki, R.; Pauli, E.-M.
Part 2.
Large Surveys
Doubling the Number of White Dwarf Stars: The First SDSS White Dwarf Catalog 99 Kleinman, S.J.
New High-Proper Motion White Dwarfs in the NLTT Catalog and Sloan Digital Sky Survey 101 Kawka, A.; Vennes, S.
Masses, Radii, and Bolometric Luminosities of DA White Dwarfs in the First Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 107 Nalezyty, M.; Madej, J.; Althaus, L.G.
Cool White Dwarfs from the SuperCOSMOS and Sloan Digital Sky Surveys 113 Hambly, N.C.; Digby, A.P.; Oppenheimer, B.R.
The Use and the Efficiency of the DDO51 Filter for Identification of Cool White Dwarfs 119 Kilic, M.; Winget, D.E.; von Hippel, T.; Claver, C.F.
How Many Hot Subdwarf Stars Were Rejected from the PG Survey? 123 Wade, R.A.; Stark, M.A.; Green, R.F.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Proper Motion Systems Containing White Dwarfs 127 Smith, J.A.; Silvestri, N.M.; Oswalt, T.D.; Harris, H.C.; Kleinman, S.J.; Munn, J.A.; Nitta, A.; Rudkin, M.A.
Discovery of 282 Cool White Dwarfs (Teff ≤ 8000 K) in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 131 Kilic, M.; Munn, J.A.; Harris, H.C.; Liebert, J.; von Hippel, T.; Williams, K.A.; Metcalfe, T.S.; Winget, D.E.
The GSC2 Survey of Cool White Dwarfs 135 Carollo, D.; Spagna, A.; Lattanzi, M.G.; Smart, R.L.; Bucciarelli, B.; Terranegra, L.; Hodgkin, S.T.; McLean, B.
Analysis of DA White Dwarfs from the McCook & Sion Catalog 139 Gianninas, A.; Bergeron, P.; Dufour, P.
Searching for White and Brown Dwarfs in the Frame of the MUSYC/CYDER Survey 143 Altmann, M.; Mendez, R.A.; Ruiz, M.-T.; van Altena, W.; Gawiser, E.; Maza, J.; van Dokkum, P.
White Dwarfs in the ALHAMBRA Survey 147 Catalan, S.; Isern, J.; Garcia-Berro, E.; Torres, S.; ALHAMBRA Team
Part 3.
Atmospheres, Abundances, Magnetic Fields
Fossil Fields in Magnetic White Dwarfs 153 Wickramasinghe, D.T.; Ferrario, L.
Kilo-Gauss Magnetic Fields in Three DA White Dwarfs 159 Aznar Cuadrado, R.; Jordan, S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Schmid, H.M.; Solanki, S.K.; Mathys, G.
On Possible Oxygen/Neon White Dwarfs: H1504+65 and the White Dwarf Donors in Ultracompact X-ray Binaries 165 Werner, K.; Hammer, N.J.; Nagel, T.; Rauch, T.; Dreizler, S.
Twenty Years of Studies on H1504+65 171 Sliwinski, M.S.; Sliwinska, L.I.
HST Observations of the Sirius B Balmer Lines 175 Barstow, M.A.; Burleigh, M.R.; Holberg, J.B.; Hubeny, I.; Bond, H.E.; Koester, D.
Is the Distribution of Nitrogen in the Atmospheres of Hot DA White Dwarfs Inhomogeneous? 181 Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Dupuis, J.
Lyman Line Spectroscopy of Hot Hydrogen-Rich White Dwarfs Revisited 185 Vennes, S.; Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Lanz, T.
Results from a FUSE Survey of Hot White Dwarfs 191 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.; Torres, L.M.; Sanchez, P.J.
Detailed Spectroscopic and Photometric Analysis of DQ White Dwarfs 197 Dufour, P.; Bergeron, P.; Fontaine, G.
Non-Ideal Equation of State, Refraction and Opacities in Very Cool, Helium-Rich White Dwarf Atmospheres 203 Kowalski, P.M.; Saumon, D.; Mazevet, S.
Modelling Alkali Line Absorption and Molecular Bands in Cool DAZs 209 Homeier, D.; Allard, N.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P.H.; Schweitzer, A.; Stencil, P.C.; Weck, P.F.
DAZ White Dwarfs in the SPY Sample 215 Koester, D.; Rollenhagen, K.; Napiwotzki, R.; Voss, B.; Christlieb, N.; Homeier, D.; Reimers, D.
Identification of a DO White Dwarf and a PG1159 Star in the ESO SN Ia Progenitor Survey (SPY) 221 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; Napiwotzki, R.; Christlieb, N.; Reimers, D.; Karl, C.A.
FUSE Spectroscopy of PG 1159 Stars 225 Reiff, E.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J.W.
Deposing the Cool Corona of KPD 0005+5106 229 Werner, K.; Drake, J.J.
Spectral Analyses of DO White Dwarfs and PG1159 Stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 233 Huegelmeyer, S.D.; Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.; Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S.J.; Krzesinski, J.
Metal Abundances in Hot DA White Dwarfs 237 Schuh, S.; Barstow, M.A.; Dreizler, S.
Rotation Velocities of DA White Dwarfs with Convective Atmospheres 241 Karl, C.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.; Dreizler, S.; Koester, D.; Reid, I.N.
The Discovery of Oxygen Rich Chromospheres in Two Massive DQ White Dwarfs 245 Provencal, J.L.; Shipman, H.L.; MacDonald, J.
Comparison of White Dwarf Mass Determinations 249 Boudreault, S.; Bergeron, P.
Model Atmospheres for Hot Evolved Stars: Revising the Treatment of Continuous Opacities 253 Behara, N.; Jeffery, C.S.
Discovery of Magnetic Fields in CPNs 257 Jordan, S.; Werner, K.; O'Toole, S.J.
Discovery of Magnetic Fields in Hot Subdwarfs 261 O'Toole, S.J.; Jordan, S.; Friedrich, S.; Heber, U.
Constraining Gravitational Theories by Observing Magnetic White Dwarfs 265 Preuss, O.; Jordan, S.; Haugan, M.P.; Solanki, S.K.
Surface Magnetic Field Distributions of the White Dwarfs PG 1015+014 and HE 1045-0908 269 Euchner, F.; Jordan, S.; Reinsch, K.; Beuermann, K.; Gansicke, B.T.
Do Magnetic Fields Prevent Hydrogen from Accreting onto Cool Metal-line White Dwarf Stars? 273 Friedrich, S.; Jordan, S.; Koester, D.
Heterogeneous Magnetospheres of Accretion-Induced Collapsing White Dwarfs 277 Kryvdyk, V.; Agapitov, A.
Magnetic Fields and Rotation of Compact Stars 281 Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D.T.
Irradiation Effects in Close Degenerate Binary Systems 285 Palma, T.; Rohrmann, R.D.
Part 4.
White Dwarf Progenitors: CSPNe, SDBs, SDOs
Spectroscopic Analyses of Helium-rich Subdwarf B Stars 291 Ahmad, A.; Jeffery, C.S.
The Upward Diffusion of Hydrogen in Helium-Rich Subdwarf B Stars 297 Unglaub, K.
Subdwarf B Stars from the ESO Supernova Ia Progenitor Survey -- Observation versus Theory 303 Lisker, T.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.; Christlieb, N.; Han, Z.; Homeier, D.; Reimers, D.
Subluminous O Stars from the ESO Supernova Progenitor Survey - Observation versus Theory 309 Stroeer, A.; Heber, U.; Lisker, T.; Napiwotzki, R.; Dreizler, S.
Metal Abundances in sdBs from UV Spectroscopy 315 O'Toole, S.J.
Iron Abundance in Hydrogen-Rich Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 321 Hoffmann, A.I.D.; Traulsen, I.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.; Kruk, J.W.
HST and FUSE Spectroscopy of Hot Hydrogen-Rich Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 325 Traulsen, I.; Hoffmann, A.I.D.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.; Kruk, J.W.
Spectral Analysis of Central Stars of PNe Interacting with the Interstellar Medium 329 Rauch, T.; Kerber, F.
Subdwarf B Binaries from the Edinburgh-Cape Survey 333 Morales-Rueda, L.; Maxted, P.F.L.; Marsh, T.R.; Kilkenny, D.; O'Donoghue, D.
Mass-Loss and Multicomponent Flow from Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 337 Krticka, J.; Kubat, J.
Hydrogen-Deficient Stars in Pre-WD Stages 341 Hamann, W.-R.; Graefener, G.
LMC-N66: A Potential SN Ia Progenitor? 345 Hamann, W.-R.; Pena, M.; Graefener, G.
Part 5.
White Dwarf and Progenitors in Binaries
Subdwarf B Binaries as an Important Progenitor Channel for Cataclysmic Variables 351 Schenker, K.
The Mass of the sdB Primary of the Binary HS 2333+3927 357 Heber, U.; Drechsel, H.; Karl, C.; Ostensen, R.; Folkes, S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Altmann, M.; Cordes, O.; Solheim, J.-E.; Voss, B.; Koester, D.
The Secondary Companions in Short-Period sdB Binaries 363 Green, E.M.; For, B.-Q.; Hyde, E.A.
Subdwarf B Binaries from the SPY Project 369 Karl, C.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.
New Results from the Supernova Ia Progenitor Survey 375 Napiwotzki, R.; Karl, C.A.; Nelemans, G.; Yungelson, L.; Christlieb, N.; Drechsel, H.; Heber, U.; Homeier, D.; Koester, D.; Kruk, J.; Leibundgut, B.; Marsh, T.R.; Moehler, S.; Renzini, A.; Reimers, D.
Observations of Ultra-short Period Double-degenerate WD Binary Candidates 381 Reinsch, K.
The White Dwarfs in AM CVn Systems -- Candidates for SN Ia? 387 Solheim, J.-E.; Yungelson, L.R.
Ultraviolet Observations of the Young Pre-IP Candidate HS1136+6646 393 Sing, D.K.; Holberg, J.B.; Howell, S.; Burleigh, M.; Good, S.; Barstow, M.
Two Ultracool Degenerate Companions 398 Farihi, J.
NLTE Analysis of the Ultra-short Period White-Dwarf Binary RX J0806.3+1527 399 Steiper, J.; Reinsch, K.; Dreizler, S.
The Solution of the Radiative Transfer Equation in Accretion Discs of Cataclysmic Variables 403 Korcakova, D.; Kubat, J.; Kawka, A.
A Search for Unresolved Double Degenerates Using IUE Archives 407 Lajoie, C.-P.; Bergeron, P.
Can White Dwarfs in Intermediate Polars be Unveiled? 411 de Martino, D.; Mouchet, M.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J.-M.; Gaensicke, B.T.; Haberl, F.
Spectropolarimetry of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables and White Dwarfs with the SALT 415 Buckley, D.A.H.; O'Donoghue, D.; Potter, S.B.; Nordsieck, K.H.
Finding the Cool Companions of the PG DA White Dwarfs 419 Holberg, J.B.; Magargal, K.
Spectral Analysis of Super Soft X-ray Sources: V4743 Sagittarii 423 Rauch, T.; Orio, M.; Gonzales-Riestra, R.; Still, M.
Mixed Hydrogen-Helium White Dwarfs in Short Period X-ray Binaries 427 Teodorescu, A.M.; D'Antona, F.; Ventura, P.
A NICMOS Direct Imaging Search for Giant Planets around the Single White Dwarfs in the Hyades 431 Friedrich, S.; Zinnecker, H.; Brandner, W.; Correia, S.; McCaughrean, M.
Resolving sdB Binary Systems with Adaptive Optics 435 Ostensen, R.; Heber, U.; Maxted, P.
Disentangling Composite Spectrum Hot Subdwarfs 439 Stark, M.A.; Wade, R.A.
SDSS J1240-01: A New AM CVn Star with a 37-Minute Orbital Period 443 Roelofs, G.H.A.; Groot, P.J.; Marsh, T.R.; Steeghs, D.; Nelemans, G.
Spin-Up and Spin-Down of Magnetic White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables: Theory vs Long-Term Monitoring 447 Andronov, I.L.
Part 6.
Variable White Dwarfs and Progenitors
Non-Radial Oscillations in CV Primaries 453 Warner, B.; Woudt, P.A.
Questioning the Purity of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip 459 Mukadam, A.S.; Winget, D.E.; von Hippel, T.; Montgomery, M.H.; Kepler, S.O.; Costa, A.F.M.
The Crystal Method: Asteroseismology of BPM 37093 465 Metcalfe, T.S.; Montgomery, M.H.; Kanaan, A.
Time-Series Spectroscopy of DAVs 471 Thompson, S.E.; Clemens, J.C.; Koester, D.
Whole Earth Telescope Observations of the ZZ Ceti Star HLTau 76 477 Vauclair, G.; WET collaboration
White Dwarf Lightcurves: Constraining Convection and Mode Identification Using Non-sinusoidal Lightcurves 483 Montgomery, M.H.
Exploring Uncharted Territory in Particle Physics Using Pulsating White Dwarfs: Prospects 489 Kim, A.; Winget, D.E.; Montgomery, M.H.; Sullivan, D.J.
EC 20058-5234: A DBV White Dwarf and a Possible Plasmon Neutrino Detector 495 Sullivan, D.J.
Measuring Evolutionary Rates 501 Kepler, S.O.; Costa, J.E.S.; Mukadam, A.; Mullally, F.; Winget, D.E.; Nather, R.E.; Sullivan, D.
Distances to Selected Variable White Dwarf Stars 506 Mullally, F.; de Graff, M.
Investigation of the Spectral Variability of PG 1159-035 512 Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.; Stahn, T.
The Domains of Instability for the Pulsating PG 1159 Stars 518 Quirion, P.-O.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Herwig, F.
High Sensitivity Observations and Detailed Asteroseismological Analysis of the EC14026 Star Feige 48 524 Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Billeres, M.; Green, E.M.; Chayer, P.
Discovery of a Long-Period Photometric Variation in the V361 Hya Star HS 0702+6043 530 Schuh, S.; Huber, J.; Green, E.M.; O'Toole, S.J.; Dreizler, S.; Heber, U.; Fontaine, G.
Mode Identification in Pulsating sdB Stars from ULTRACAM Observations 536 Jeffery, C.S; Dhillon, V.S.; Marsh, T.R.; Ramachandran, B.
The Effects of Crystallization on the Pulsational Properties of Massive ZZ Ceti Stars 537 Corsico, A.H.; Althaus, L.G.; Montgomery, M.H.; Garcia-Berro, E.
High Speed Photometry of White Dwarfs with Small Telescopes 541 Provencal, J.L.; Shipman, H.L.; Childers, D.; Nitta, A.
The Spectral Variability of Pulsating Stars: PG 1159-035 545 Stahn, T.; Dreizler, S.; Werner, K.
HST Observations of the Pulsating White Dwarf GD 358 549 Castanheira, B.G.; Kepler, S.O.; Nitta, A.; Winget, D.E.; Koester, D.
The Vibrating String Analogy and Mode Trapping 553 Montgomery, M.H.
Revisiting the DBs Instability Strip Using UV Spectra 557 Castanheira, B.G.; Kepler, S.O.; Koester, D.; Handler, G.
Analysis of HST and IUE Data of the DBV Star PG1351+489 561 Alves, V.M.; Costa, J.E.S.; Kepler, S.O.; Koester, D.
Asteroseismology of the Crystallized ZZ Ceti Star BPM 37093: A Different View (Part II) 565 Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.
The Pulsating DA White Dwarf Star EC 14012-1446 569 Handler, G.; Romero-Colmenero, E.
Constraints on the Structure of HL Tau 76 Derived from Asteroseismology 573 Pech, D.; Vauclair, G.; Dolez, N.
Asteroseismic Results for GD 154 577 Hurkal, D.O.; Handler, G.; Steininger, B.A.; Reed, M.D.
Eleven New DAVs from the Sloan Survey 581 Mullally, F.; Thompson, S.E.; Castanheira, B.G.; Winget, D.E.; Kepler, S.O.; Eisenstein, D.J.; Kleinman, S.J.; Nitta, A.
New DBVs from the SDSS 585 Nitta, A.; Kleinman, S.J.; Krzesinski, J.; Mukadam, A.S.; Mullally, F.; Nather, R.E.; Sullivan, D.J.; Thompson, S.E.; Winget, D.E.; Wood, M.A.
Search for IR Excess in White Dwarf Stars 589 Nitta, A.; Provencal, J.L.; Kilic, M.; Kleinman, S.J.; Liebert, J.; von Hippel, T.
A Convective Model for Light Curves of ZZ Ceti Stars 593 Falcon, N.
White Dwarf Observations in Hungary 597 Paparo, M.; Szabo, R.; Csubry, Z.
Analysis of a Sample of Candidate DAV Stars 601 Voss, B.; Koester, D.
Progress Report on the Search for Variability Among Cool White Dwarfs 605 Oswalt, T.D.; Rudkin, M.; Johnston, K.; Kissinger, J.; Menezes, K.
Pulsating Subdwarf B Stars in Close Binaries 607 Reed, M.D.; Brondel, B.J.
New Observations of the Hot PNNV Sanduleak 3 611 Steininger, B.; Pretorius, M.; Breger, M.; Shobbrook, R.R.
Fundamental Parameters of the sdB Pulsator PG 1219+534: The Importance of High Sensitivity Observations for Detailed Asteroseismology of EC14026 Stars 615 Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Green, E.M.; Chayer, P.
The Asteroseismic Analysis of the EC14026 Star PG 0014+067 Revisited 619 Charpinet, S.; Fontaine, G.; Brassard, P.; Billeres, M.; Green, E.M.; Chayer, P.
PB8783 Revisited 623 Vuckovic, M.; Hostler, S.; Kawaler, S.D.; Behera, B.
Searching for Pulsations among sdOs 627 Rodriguez-Lopez, C.; Ulla, A.; Garrido, R.; Manteiga, M.; Casanova, V.; Sota, A.; Ostensen, R.; Oreiro, R.
Balloon09010001: Towards the White Dwarf Stage? 631 Oreiro, R.; Ulla, A.; Perez Hernandez, F.; MacDonald, J.; Ostensen, R.; Rodriguez-Lopez, C.
An Asteroseismological Analysis of the Short-Period Pulsating sdB star EC 05217-3914 635 Billeres, M.; Fontaine, G.
A New Computer Code for Analyzing the Light Curves of Eclipsing Pre-Cataclysmic Binaries (PCBs): Application to UU Sge and V477 Lyr 639 Pustynski, V.-V.; Pustylnik, I.
Photometric Variability in the Faint Sky Variability Survey 643 Morales-Rueda, L.; Groot, P.J.; Augusteijn, T.; Nelemans, G.; Vreeswijk, P.M.; van den Besselaar, E.J.M.
Detection of Pulsations in the Newly Discovered PG1159 Star HE 1429-1209 647 Nagel, T.; Werner, K.
Two New ZZ Ceti Pulsators from the HS and HE Surveys 651 Silvotti, R.; Voss, B.; Koester, D.; Bruni, I.
Analysis of High Resolution White Dwarf Spectra from the ESO SNIa Progenitor Survey (SPY) 655 Voss, B.; Koester, D.; SPY consortium
ACF Analysis of Irregularly Spaced Observations of the Accretion Structures near White Dwarfs 659 Andronov, I.L.; Chinarova, L.L.
Conference Photo 999 unknown